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Grown-up decisions with Dali

Picture this, you're in your favourite armchair, living out your retirement years without a care in the world. No worries about paying bills, meeting commitments, or having to rely on your children for financial support. This is the dream, right? But remember, dreams don't just happen, they're planned. That's where…
25 Aug 2023 15 episodes English How To · Investing

What’s going on?

“What’s going on?” – your monthly market update with Discovery. Join investment specialist and Head of Technical Marketing for Discovery Employee Benefits, Yasheen Modi and Discovery’s expert portfolio managers for concise intelligence on the latest financial news, and stay ahead of the forces shaping local and global markets.
14 Jun 2023 7 episodes English Business · Investing

Life behind the numbers

Every life is unique, and life can be unpredictable. While some of life's events may be unpredictable, there are ways to both mitigate and protect us from today's risks. In this podcast series, 'Life Behind the Numbers', Maya Fisher-French talks to Discovery Life experts about the kinds of risks we're…
17 Aug 2022 4 episodes English Education · Self-Improvement

Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s Shariah Compliant arrangement

Discovery Health Medical Scheme has launched South Africa’s first Shariah Compliant medical scheme arrangement. This four-part podcast series is dedicated to explaining this innovative offering in full. Host, Shafiq Morton, interviews expert guests who share leading insights into the way in which Shariah law and Takaful have been incorporated into…
5 Aug 2022 4 episodes English Read by Uwaiz Jassat, Firoze Bhorat, Farzana Baba, Mufti Ahmed Suliman, Dr Ismail Mitha Education · Islam

Your future is global. Protect it.

The YOUR FUTURE IS GLOBAL. PROTECT IT series offers an insightful look into offshore financial planning and the risk protection benefits available to you for your life cover needs. What exactly is ‘offshore life insurance’ and what kind of risk protection benefits are well-worth considering? These are some of the…
4 Nov 2021 3 episodes English Education · Health & Fitness

The Discovery COVID-19 podcast

Our expert guests’ share key insights to help you to really understand Coronavirus Disease 2019. Learn all you need to know about maintaining your mental, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing – and more – in the context of COVID-19. Empower yourself with the facts. Stay informed. Stay healthy. All brought…
30 Jul 2021 70 episodes English News · Health & Fitness

The Estate Planning 101 Series

Estate planning is an important part of any financial portfolio. With the correct guidance and expertise, leaving a legacy for your loved ones can be done in the most professional, sensitive and respectful of ways. Join us as we help you, our valued advisers, learn how to better navigate the…
29 Jun 2021 4 episodes English Education · Health & Fitness

Your Money Matters

Managing money and knowing what’s good for your financial wellbeing at every stage of life is a skill. In “Your money matters”, Bruce Whitfield, an established business journalist, tackles every aspect of doing it well. From having adequate protection and savings, managing debt to understanding how your financial choices can…
26 May 2021 11 episodes English Education

Global investing: An investor’s guide to getting it right

Most South Africans know that they should invest more offshore, but the details often cause more confusion than clarity. Listen and learn how to get global investing right with this special 4-part series – hosted by award-winning financial journalist, Bruce Whitfield.
10 Nov 2020 4 episodes English Education

Discover Healthier

Azania Mosaka hosts DiscoverHealthier – a podcast that tells stories of inspirational people and shares thoughts of specialist guests. Join the conversations and build your understanding of health conditions, healthcare cover, living a healthier life and innovations that benefit our future wellbeing. Each episode offers something new, useful and entertaining…
27 Aug 2020 36 episodes English Health & Fitness · Education

The Healthy Business Show

A new podcast series by Discovery Business Insurance presents inspiring, expert-led content to empower entrepreneurs with insights that will help them start a business, grow and achieve success. The Healthy Business Show features well-known business luminaries from a diverse range of areas that are vital to an entrepreneur’s business health…
20 May 2019 29 episodes English Business

Mental Wellbeing Podcast Series

Vitality’s mental wellbeing podcast series features experts on breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. Join the journey for tips on relaxation, handling anxiety, stress and building resilience.
30 Apr 2020 18 episodes English Alternative Health · Spirituality

Smart Money

A series of financial tips for different life stages. Experts help us find answers to pressing financial questions. Smart Money is brought to you by Discovery - getting your money right for your life.
31 Jul 2017 13 episodes English Investing

Understanding Cancer

The ‘Understanding Cancer’ podcast series takes you on a journey relevant to every person out there, bringing clarity to cancer’s complexity. Sonia Booth speaks to a host of top South African medical experts and to cancer survivors, in conversations designed to help us all to better #UnderstandCancer. This cutting-edge, ten-episode…
4 Feb 2019 10 episodes English Health & Fitness