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EduThink with Gavin Kennedy

Welcome to EduThink, the podcast that explores education in South Africa.

If you're a parent, pupil, teacher, principal or are simply interested in education, then this is the show for you.
Occasionally English South Africa Education · Kids & Family Narrated by Jax Aitchison and Gershom Aitchison
18 Episodes

NeuroDiverse Journeys: Embracing Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs | Nicola and Jo

In this conversation between Gershom Aitchison (Edu Inc Headmaster) and two mothers Nicola and Jo who have children on the autism spectrum. Nicola's son is 19 and was diagnosed around age 7. Jo's son is 13 and was diagnosed around age 4. They discussed their journeys raising neurodiverse children, including…
19 Nov 2023 1 hr 14 min

Coding and robotics education in South Africa

In this episode, Gershom Aitchison chats with Cameron Busch, Lead Coding and Robotics Facilitator at iStore Education, about the benefits of coding for developing problem-solving, computational thinking, resilience, collaboration, and other critical skills.
24 Oct 2023 21 min

'Good enough' should not define your child's education

Choosing a school is one of the biggest decisions you can make. But these choices are not irreversible and should be revisited over time. In this podcast, Education Incorporated Boutique School (EduInc) Headmaster, Gershom Aitchison, talks with Executive Head Jacqueline Aitchison and the legendary Mike Stopforth about why 'good enough'…
10 Nov 2022 45 min

Ruthless curiosity, recreational obsessions and good views on gaming

Why hobbies make us happy and the importance of having them Richard Mulholland (Missing Link Founder and CEO In this episode Mr and Mrs Aitchison connect with Richard Mulholland, this time to talk about how ruthless curiosity leads to recreational obsessions, the things that fill up our gas tanks and…
24 Aug 2021 37 min

The difference that makes the difference

Today we go deep! In a sometimes very emotional conversation about why parents move their children to a new school. What are the reasons? The many challenges? The prejudices and fears. What concerns led them to change? And what advice do they give to others whose children are just not…
10 Aug 2021 1 hr 07 min

BIG vs small - how to choose the right school for your child

Today's guests represent a veritable powerhouse of knowledge and insight on how, and why, you might decide between a large or small school for your child's education. Our guests are: Selwyn Marx | Headmaster at Hamilton House Gershom Aitchison | Headmaster at Education Incorporated Jax Aitchison | Executive Head at…
8 Apr 2021 36 min

Disrupting to Innovate Change in the Edu Space

Charlotte D Blignaut, Shirley Lloyd, Jill Lithgow and Gershom Aitchison Join Charlotte D Blignaut as she leads a round table panel discussion at the 2019 EduTech conference in Sandton with Shirley Lloyd, a recently retired Director from the NQF Directorate for the Department of Higher Education, Jill Lithgow, the Educations…
19 Oct 2019 35 min

Family + School = a future-proofed child | Nikki Bush

Nikki Bush (Human Potential and Parenting) Gershom Aitchison (Founder and Headmaster | EduInc Boutique School) Jacqueline Aitchison (Founder, Executive Head | EduInc Boutique School) In this episode Nikki Bush (human potential and parenting speaker and author) and Gershom and Jacqueline Aitchison (founders, headmaster and director of Education Incorporated Boutique School)…
29 Aug 2019 31 min

How to Suck Less in Public | Richard Mulholland

Richard Mulholland (Co-Founder of Missing Link and TalkDrawer, International Speaker and Top CEO Coach) Join us as Richard Mulholland talks to the children, and staff, at Education Incorporated school in Fourways about the value of being a confident and effective presenter. He also shares life advice (on tattoos and motorbikes)…
15 May 2019 56 min

It's a big world out there, start exploring! | Tamin-Lee Connolly

Tamin-Lee Connolly (World Challenge) and Gershom Aitchison (Headmaster : EduInc Boutique School) Today Gershom Aitchison (Headmaster : EduInc Boutique school in Fourways) and Tamin-Lee Connolly (Regional Manager : World Challenge) talk about the benefits of travel for high school pupils. They explain how World Challenge works, from planning, to fund-raising,…
15 Apr 2019 27 min

Teachers, Teamwork and the Future World of Work | Andee Deverell

Andee Deverell and Gershom Aitchison Our guests Andee Deverell (head of Organisation Design, Change and HR Communications at Nedbank) and Gershom Aitchison (headmaster at Education Incorporated, a Private Boutique school in Fourways) talk about Teachers, Teamwork and the Future World of Work.
1 Oct 2018 44 min

Robotics in schools | Gershom Aitchison, Phillip Haas and Gordon Whitcher

Gershom Aitchison, Phillip Haas and Gordon Whitcher Gavin Kennedy talks to Phillip Haas, from 'Hands On Technology', Gershom Aitchison, Headmaster of Education Incorporated Boutique School, and Gordon Whitcher about the exciting world of robotics in schools. Discussion is around Lego Mindstorm and the value of robotics as part of the…
8 Apr 2018 44 min

Grade 4 (il)literacy | Joan Griebenow and Aurora Schoch

Gavin Kennedy talks to Joan Griebenow, past principal of Bryandale Primary School, and Aurora Schoch, from the Lonehill International Academy, about the alarming state of South African literacy, as well as practical strategies to turn this around.
3 Jan 2018 33 min