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Our vision is to be the Podcast and Audiobook Partner of choice and our mission is to help people #BeHeard through quality, creative Spoken Word production.

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The One-Eyed Man with Mike Stopforth

60 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±43 min episode every 2 weeks, 3 days
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

Welcome to The One-Eyed Man with Mike Stopforth

It's a messy, complicated world out there. We need better solutions to the problems around us, and better leaders to them. No one person has it all figured out, but in a quest to discover a more impactful brand of leadership, I'm having conversations with people who have at least some part of it figured out, and specifically in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, impact and technology.

SA People - Your Worldwide South African Community

101 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±26 min episode every 1 week
Welcome to SAPeople Podcast where you can join us for your regular fix of SA culture, skinder, news and get the low-down on all the good stuff happening at home and abroad. entertains, informs, inspires and connects South Africans globally.


another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard

Shotgun Story

45 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±43 min episode every 2 weeks, 4 days
Welcome to Shotgun Story

The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it matters quite so much that you keep creating.

another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard

Oncology Buddies

1 EPISODES |  Podcast
Your platform for cancer care.

Oncology Buddies informs and inspires all those who have or are affected by cancer. Oncology Buddies is committed to working with all stakeholders to find solutions aimed at improving the quality, lifestyle, satisfaction, enjoyment and activities of people affected by cancer.

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Rewired with Isobel Frye

10 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every 13 weeks, 4 days
A podcast that brings you cutting-edge ideas on how to create a just economy and society. We have conversations with policymakers and activists at the forefront of efforts to transform our society.
Join Isobel Frye, a Lawyer and Social Justice activist, who strives to provide you with information and insights so that you can have meaningful debates in your spaces and communities.

Positive Pages by Room 206

9 EPISODES |  Series, ±2 min episode total time 23 min
For the Joy Seekers. And, the Universe.

At Room 206, we went on a joy-inspired mission to pick original, creative, and joyful stories for our first book.

The end result is a compilation of original vignettes that've been kept as close to their original format as possible to preserve the authentic nature of the project.

Stripped Money Conversations with Lungile Mashigo

31 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±34 min episode every 4 weeks, 5 days
Hosted by Lungile Mashigo, this platform brings inspiring money stories straight from top business minds, authors, influencers, inspiring individuals, and brands.
Learn about their financial philosophies, wins, failures, and habits. Plus, explore ways to get your money to work hard for you with no intimidating jargon because life is complicated enough.

Join these simple, candid conversations as we strip money down to its bare bones because the world of money has room for everyone.

Engage with us @strippedmoneyconversations across all platforms.

Epokothweni with Babalwa Nonkenge

54 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±31 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
Accessible conversations about financial stewardship in IsiXhosa.

Sincokola ngokuphathwa kakuhle kwemali ngendlela efikelelekayo ngolwimi lwesixhosa.

Accessible conversations, co-creation and learning personal financial stewardship in Isixhosa

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