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Audiobook Samples from Solid Gold

Take a listen to a sample from some of the audiobooks we've assisted Clients to produce and publish.
Occasionally English South Africa Books · Business
13 Episodes

Kwasuka Sukela - Traditional Stories of KwaZulu

Narrator: Bianca Jane Pieters This collection of ancient and modern tales from the Zulu culture, retold in neutral English, is captivating listening for young and old. The Zulu Kingdom in the breathtakingly beautiful province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is home to the AmaZulu, a proud nation that treasure and uphold…
22 Dec 2022 1 min

Who Do We Become?

Step boldly into our strange, new world Written by John Sanei Narrated by the Author ‘I know that what I’ve learnt in the past two years will help me for the rest of my life. My hope is that you will see yourself reflected in my own journey, and …
25 Nov 2022 4 min

Here be Dragons

Stop telling stories. Start selling them Written by Richard Mulholland Narrated by the Author How to win deals and influence ideas by mastering the eloquent art of storytelling. The business world is rightly obsessed with the incredible power of a good story. Unfortunately too many of us take that to…
25 Nov 2022 3 min

Wildlife & Warfare

The Life of James Stevenson-Hamilton Written by Jane Carruthers Narrated by Malcolm Gooding More than any other individual, James Stevenson-Hamilton can be credited with the creation of the Kruger National Park in South Affica. In 1902, when the South African War ended, Stevenson-Hamilton swopped his military career for the more…
25 Nov 2022 4 min

Logic of God

Written by Dr. Jean-Marie Jullienne Narrated by the Author This book has its origin in a spiritual calling the author received to find the true meaning of Bible texts by returning to the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures. During a period of isolation, he was inspired to search the scriptures…
24 Nov 2022 4 min

Hack it - Hacking your mental mindset

Unpack it! Whack it! Hack it! Written by Rinus le Roux and Rickus VIljoen Narrated by by Rikus Viljoen A new way of thinking, a new way of healing. Hack what's been keeping you back. Everything has changed and 'HACK IT' offers elite mental upgrades granting a more sincere human…
24 Nov 2022 2 min

Manifesting Motherness: Healing from Infertility

What if infertility isn't a war but an awakening? Written by Rekha Ramcharan Narrated by the Author The author had her first child at 45 but, while that may intrigue you, what will keep you listening is the path that took her from infertility to 'motherness. This is a unique…
24 Nov 2022 28 min

Diabetes Sucks

And You Can Handle It Written by Mark Heyman PHD CDCES Narrated by the Author An actionable toolkit to help you manage the emotional burden of type 1 diabetes written by a psychologist who knows firsthand how much T1D sucks. Life with T1D is unpredictable and filled with never-ending work,…
24 Nov 2022 4 min

Lead With Super Clarity

How successful leaders achieve exceptional results Written by Maanda Tshiflaro Narrated by Shane Ngwenya These are difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic has proved to us that we cannot rely on tomorrow to be like today, there is no such thing as business as usual. The social and economic upheaval has…
24 Nov 2022 4 min

The Little Fairleaf

Written by Jeremy Forsyth Narrated by Ilyana Kadushin The Fairleafs are a humble family on the rise, and its senior members exhibit their ambition by formulating a daring plan: to get the attention of Alepion's royalty. Trone and Eldrian Fairleaf are two young brothers who play at war but are…
24 Nov 2022 3 min


An essential guide to winning in a digitally transformed post-pandemic environment. Written by Herman Singh Narrated by the Author The book is titled Di-Volution and refers to the process of Digital Evolution that the world has been undergoing for decades now. This book is written to help everyone make sense…
24 Nov 2022 1 min

Get OVA It!

A real-life solution to get unstuck and break free Written by Devon Brough Narrated by the Author Devon Brough knows what it’s like when you say you’ve hit rock bottom; when you can’t take it any more; when you’re so low you’re wondering whether it’s worth living any more. He’s…
24 Nov 2022 4 min

Garage Band

Nothing to do with Music. Everything to do with Getting Even Written by: Adam Alexander Narrated by the Author After helping to build the Eastland Insurance company for 17 years, Lanthus Trilby is retrenched, without warning, to make way for 'younger, brighter minds'. Feeling angry and betrayed, the passive actuary…
24 Nov 2022 1 min