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The Money Rules Podcast

The Money Rules podcast is hosted by Boitumelo Ntsoko. The podcast features interviews with certified financial planners and wealth managers to answer readers’ pressing financial questions. Each episode will focus on a specific theme, covering topics such as retirement, retrenchments and investments, and help the listeners to make better financial moves. This podcast publishes two episodes per month.
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How do living annuities work?

Devon Card of Crue Invest explores the various options available for income withdrawals and asset allocation within these vehicles and offers tips on how to navigate market volatility, longevity risks, and tax implications effectively.
29 Feb 10 min

The cost of delaying retirement savings

Craig Torr of Crue Invest discusses the advantages of early retirement planning, provides a case study that illustrates the impact of delayed savings and shares tips on how to bridge the shortfall gap.
1 Feb 9 min

Where is the value in a tax-free savings account?

Gareth Collier of Crue Invest discusses the difference between tax-free savings accounts and tax-free investments, the unique tax advantages these products offer, how they impact your estate planning, as well as the associated expenses.
27 Oct 2023 17 min

Is an offshore retirement plan for you?

Sean Kelly of Paragon Wealth Managers on how SA investors can externalise their retirement planning, looking at the various investment options available to them, the tax implications and costs and how these plans fare compared to local products.
13 Oct 2023 17 min

Investing: Are you your own worst enemy?

Elke Brink of PSG Wealth looks at how our biases and emotions can erode our returns, the mistakes we make when it comes to offshore investing, reveals a surprisingly good time to buy, and offers an alternative to trying to time the market.
15 Sep 2023 20 min

Managing finances while abroad: Expert advice for expats

Rozanne Heystek-Potgieter of Brenthurst Wealth shares practical strategies for managing finances, overcoming tax challenges, navigating currency fluctuations, and securing your financial future while living abroad.
7 Jul 2023 23 min

Smashing retirement's glass ceiling: Expert tips for women

Mareli Binedell of PSG Wealth discusses the unique challenges women face when it comes to retirement planning, and explores strategies to overcome these obstacles and maximise savings so that we achieve financial security in retirement.
23 Jun 2023 15 min

Everything you need to know when setting up a trust

Eric Jordaan of Crue Invest discusses establishing a trust that aligns with your unique objectives, looking at the types of trusts available, the intricacies of trustee selection, beneficiary nomination, and how to draft a solid trust deed.
9 Jun 2023 16 min

The perils of taking financial advice from ‘finfluencers’

Social media influencers may make financial advice seem easy, but the reality is more complicated. Thulisile Nkomo of NFB Private Wealth Management discusses the dangers of accessing financial information online and offers tips for separating fact from fiction.
26 May 2023 8 min

Funds of funds: How they can work for you

Richus Nel of PSG Wealth breaks down these funds, and discusses how they differ from standalone funds, the risks associated with them and what factors you should consider before buying into these investment vehicles.
12 May 2023 19 min
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