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Naomi and Beston discuss anything and everything controversial. If it’s making people angry, they will definitely be talking about it on the show without any bias.
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Naomi wraps up who the top artists are and the top songs on Spotify for 2021. Why do people expectantly wait for their Spotify music summary of the year?
28 Dec 2021 8 min

Male Gaze

Is it Tik Tok's aim to make controversial trends? Naomi and Beston debate whether men are over sexualising women in these trends or not…
21 Dec 2021 20 min

Entertain Us

Pinky talks us through every moment of entertainment through out the year of 2021.
7 Dec 2021 15 min

A Healthy Christmas

Is it possible to have a health Christmas, knowing that Christmas and lots of food go hand in hand?
23 Nov 2021 15 min

Tragic Scott

An unforeseen tragic event for fans at the Astroworld concert after many people were injured and a few that died during wild outbursts of rage by jumping fans.
16 Nov 2021 18 min

Eternal Conflict

The New Marvel film - The Eternals has just been released and has gotten a negative reaction from many. Is it fair that it was banned from certain countries?
9 Nov 2021 28 min

Would You Rather?

Naomi and Beston play an interesting game to see what they would choose and why…
2 Nov 2021 18 min

The Facebook Metaverse

Facebook is looking to create a virtual world where people can co-exist in a game like type of field.
26 Oct 2021 21 min

Netflix and Comedy

Naomi and Beston talk about Demi Lovato fighting for aliens, netflix trying to silence certain people and comedians mocking transgenders. Who is right??
19 Oct 2021 30 min

Devious Licks

Naomi and Beston focus on another Tik Tok trend that was created by thieves who steal in style by taking something of value (anything) and then film it. Is this trend worth going to jail over?
12 Oct 2021 16 min

White Tears

A viral Tik Tok trend has stepped on many people's toes. Are these angry people being unreasonable?
5 Oct 2021 17 min

Don't Be That Girl

Naomi & Beston take a look at a new tik tok trend. Being "that girl" is what every woman dreams of being like, but unfortunately the standards only fit a specific group. Why?
14 Sep 2021 20 min

“Written By A Man” Trend

Naomi & Beston hop on to a new trend that has gone viral on Tik Tok. Is a man's perspective on women a reality or is it mostly fantasy? Have women been unfairly sexualised?
7 Sep 2021 26 min

Batman’s Sidekick Is Bisexual?

In the world of comics, Marvel, DC and movies - characters are getting plot twists that don't really make sense. Did you ever think Loki could be gay?
31 Aug 2021 30 min

The Craziest Olympics Ever

Professional athletes compromise well-being and comfort in efforts to "save" the planet. Naomi and Beston talk Lewis Clareburt - a New Zealand Olympic swimmer who recently went viral and sparked debate after posting a video of him and Ali Galyer, a fellow swimmer, deconstructing their mattress given to them in…
17 Aug 2021 24 min

Shocking New Facebook Pop-Up

Facebook is removing the accounts of users posting 'extremist content'. Beware of the pop-up! Naomi and Beston talk about the kind of posts that facebook defines as extreme. Are they being fair?
13 Jul 2021 33 min

Coca-Cola Thinks Palestine Is Offensive But Nazi Isn’t??

Naomi and Beston discuss the new customisable Coke bottles. What was the reason they censored the words “lesbian” and “transgender” but left “Nazis”? They talk about how this has sparked outrage on Twitter, as many other phrases, including “Palestine” and “Black Lives Matter” have been blocked from the site too…
6 Jul 2021 28 min

Could Space Be A Prison?

Naomi and Beston talk about a petition people are signing to send someone to space forever. Find out what he did to deserve this hatred. They also take a look at some weird workplace regulations that have been implemented. Do you agree?
29 Jun 2021 36 min
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