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Kaya Talk with Sotho Meyer

All of life’s topics from the light-hearted to the deep, medical, social, psychological or controversial, Kaya Talk brings them to the fore Mondays to Thursday between 19h00 and 20h00.
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Doctor's Appointment with Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, Dr. Yahya Atiya

This week's doctor's appointment is with Dr. Yahya Atiya, a specialist on treating any issues with your ear, nose and throat. Sotho Meyer and Dr. Atiya speak about common issues that occur in those areas, tips on how to keep yourself healthy and answer questions from callers.
14 Jun 2021 1PM 49 min

Doctor's Appointment with urologist, Dr. Benni Radzuma

We spoke about health tips and questions for the female reproductive system, and this time around we're turning the spotlight on to men. Sotho Meyer speaks to urologist, Dr. Benni Radzuma about common male reproductive issues, treatments that urologists may offer, and tips for better health.
7 Jun 2021 1PM 59 min

Exploring Sexuality in Adolesence with Sexuality Therapist, Leanne Steyn

When do we start talking to our children about sex? How do we reframe our understanding of sex and sexuality? And how can parents support their children as they begin to sexually explore? These are some of the questions covered in this conversation with Sexuality Therapist, Leanne Steyn.
27 May 2021 1PM 53 min
1 – 20