Covid Awareness Campaign by Future Media & United Nations Namibia

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The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to many questions about medicine, the science of viruses, and vaccines. Misinformation has found a breeding ground in the confusion and mistrust that has built up during the pandemic.

In this series of interviews, we talk to medical experts to answer various questions about the Covid-19 virus, treatments and vaccines. In this series you'll find digestible explanations, frank but compassionate conversations, and scientific insights - empowering you to make decisions about your health that you are comfortable with.

#LoveProtects #KnowledgeIsPower

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Covid Awareness Interview - Dr Mary Brantuo

In this interview we tackle a topic that has caused many heated debates - The use of Ivermectin for Covid-19 prevention and treatment. Dr. Mary Brantuo from the WHO gives us background on how this parasitic treatment became part of the Covid-19 virus discussion, she explains the findings of the studies have been done, and the side effects of Ivermectin.
Dr. Brantuo is a medical doctor with a Masters in Public Health and a Professional Doctorate in Health Policy & Practice.

Covid Awareness Interview - Dr. David Weber Part 2

Presenter: Christine Venter

Guest: Dr. David Weber

Topic: Unpacking more concepts we hold onto about Covid

Is it just the flu? And why are we seeing so many more infections and deaths now that we have vaccines available in Namibia? Dr. David Weber unpacks these questions in this week's interview.

Covid Awareness Interview - Dr. Willie Bruwer Part 2

Nebulizers have become a commonly-used piece of medical equipment used at home, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. But does it really work for Covid? Dr. Bruwer explains when nebulizers are effective and when it's not - and he addresses the safety of the faux medical advice being given online about nebulizers.

Covid Awareness Interview - Dr. Vaja Zatjirua Part 1

The neurological effects of Covid-19 have been emphasized in global headlines, using medical jargon that is, frankly, frightening. But how concerned should we be about the effects of Covid-19 on the brain, do alternative treatments like ivermectin play a role, and can you 'train your brain' into getting your sense of taste & smell back? Neurologist Dr. Vaja Zatjirua breaks it down for us in a great way in this interview.

Covid Awareness Interview - Dr Saad Omar

In this series of interviews and content pieces, Future Media and UN Namibia aim to answer questions and address fears about Covid-19, the vaccines against it and the the latest data on the virus itself.

Covid Awareness Interview - Dr. David Weber Part 1

Guest: Dr. David Weber, well-known Windhoek-based GP and Chairman of the Medical Association of Namibia

Topic: Unpacking the fear of Covid treatments & vaccines, and where we can put our trust

This week our Covid Awareness campaign tackles some common statements about Covid-19...concepts that you and I might even relate to. Dr. David Weber is a general practitioner in Windhoek, and has been the chairman of the Medical Association of Namibia since 2013. He has a passion for people and medicine, and is known for being a straight-shooter with a big heart. Here is Christine Venter for Future Media chatting to him about the fear of Covid treatments and vaccines, and the question of where we can put our trust.

Covid Awareness Interview - Dr. Vaja Zatjirua Part 2

The discussion continues about the neurological effects of Covid-19. In this episode Dr. Zatjirua explains what effect alternative treatments have on the brain, and we find out whether you can 'train your brain' into getting your sense of taste & smell back.

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