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Hosting with the Lazy Makoti Book by Mogau Seshoene

In this week’s episode, publicist and book lover Thembela Mputamputa is in conversation with Mogau Seshoene, author of Hosting with the Lazy Makoti.

About the book:

The highly anticipated new cookbook from South Africa’s award-winning and bestselling cookbook author and chef.

“I am back with a brand-new collection of over 100 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes! In my highly anticipated new cookbook, Hosting with the Lazy Makoti, I will show you how to host any occasion with stylish and tasty food, from soul-warming one-pot dinners, irresistible easy bakes, and hearty plant-based dishes to Mzansi favourites, flavourful seven-colour meals, decadent desserts, vibrant African cuisine, and much more.”

‘Her unique characteristics and impressive enthusiasm flood the pages.’ - Abigail Donnelly

‘Mogau’s way with food puts beautiful labels on age-old foods that have been passed from generation to generation.’ - Florence Masebe

‘This is not just a cookbook, but a demonstration of what one can achieve with passion.’ - Savita K Mbuli

About the author:
Mogau Seshoene is a trained chef and award-winning cookbook author. Her previous book, The Lazy Makoti’s Guide to the Kitchen, became an instant bestseller. Mogau has received a Gourmand World Cookbook Award and a USIBA Creative and Cultural Industries Award, and was named the 2021 Luxe Restaurant Awards Culinary Media Personality of the Year. She’s featured on the Forbes Africa ‘30 under 30’ list and the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans list.

Next in Line by Jeffrey Archer

Veteran journalist and Author Arlene Prinsloo interviews the legend that is Jeffrey Archer regarding his latest book.

About the book:
London, 1988. Royal fever sweeps the nation as Britain falls in love with the ‘people’s princess’.

Which means for Scotland Yard, the focus is on the elite Royalty Protection Command, and its commanding officer. Entrusted with protecting the most famous family on earth, they quite simply have to be the best. A weak link could spell disaster.

Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick and his Scotland Yard squad are sent in to investigate the team. Maverick ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan is charged with a very sensitive – and unique – responsibility. But it soon becomes clear the problems in Royalty Protection are just the beginning. A renegade organization has the security of the country – and the Crown – in its sights. The only question is which target is next in line…

About Jeffrey:
Jeffrey Archer, whose novels include the Clifton Chronicles, the William Warwick novels and Kane and Abel, is one of the world's bestselling authors, with sales of over 275 million copies around the world. Famous for his discipline as a writer who works on up to fourteen drafts of each book, Jeffrey also brings a vast amount of insider knowledge to his books. Whether it’s his own career in politics, his passionate interest in art, or the wealth of fascinating background detail – inspired by the extraordinary network of friends he has built over a lifetime at the heart of Britain’s establishment – his novels provide a fascinating glimpse into a range of closed worlds. A member of the House of Lords, the author is married to Dame Mary Archer, and they have two sons, two granddaughters and three grandsons. He splits his time between London, Grantchester in Cambridge, and Mallorca where he writes the first draft of each new novel.

About Arlene:
Arlene Prinsloo is a veteran journalist, who has worked for Netwerk24, Rapport, Die Burger and Beeld in a career spanning 30 years. She has covered royal news as a blogger for Sarie and Netwerk24. Prinsloo lives in Cape Town.

“Mad Honey” with Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

This episode is brought to you in collaboration with CapeTalk 567.

CapeTalk Presenter Pippa Hudson is in conversation with authors of Mad Honey, Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan.

About the book:
Olivia fled her abusive marriage to return to her hometown and take over the family beekeeping business when her son Asher was six. Now, impossibly, her baby is six feet tall and in his last year of high school, a kind, good-looking, popular ice hockey star with a tiny sprite of a new girlfriend.

Lily also knows what it feels like to start over - when she and her mother relocated to New Hampshire it was all about a fresh start. She and Asher couldn't help falling for each other, and Lily feels happy for the first time. But can she trust him completely?

Then Olivia gets a phone call - Lily is dead, and Asher is arrested on a charge of murder. As the case against him unfolds, she realises he has hidden more than he's shared with her. And Olivia knows firsthand that the secrets we keep reflect the past we want to leave behind - and that we rarely know the people we love well as we think we do.

About Jodi:
Jodi Picoult is the author of 25 novels, with 40 million copies sold worldwide. Her last twelve books have debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, including her most recent, THE BOOK OF TWO WAYS. Five novels have been made into movies and BETWEEN THE LINES (co-written with daughter Samantha van Leer) has been adapted as a musical. She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the New England Bookseller Award for Fiction, the Alex Award from the YA Library Services Association, and the NH Literary Award for Outstanding Literary Merit. She is also the co-librettist for the musical BREATHE, and the upcoming musical THE BOOK THIEF. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband.

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Finney Boylan is the author of numerous works of fiction and non fiction, including the seminal She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders (2003), which was the first bestselling work by a transgender American. She is a trans activist and a professor at Barnard College, and has appeared on reality TV shows and various US media in support of her friend Caitlyn Jenner. Her most recent book is the memoir Good Boy: A Life in 7 Dogs, published April 20 by Celadon/Macmillan US.

General Jan Smuts and his First World War in Africa, 1914-1917 by David Katz

Historian and author of General Jan Smuts and his First World War in Africa, 1914-1917, David Katz, is in conversation with fellow author and historian Dr Evert Kleynhans.

About the book:
Jan Smuts grabbed the opportunity to realise his ambition of a Greater South Africa when the First World War ushered in a final scramble for Africa. He set his sights firmly northward upon the

German colonies of South West Africa and East Africa.

Smuts’s abilities as a general have been much denigrated by his contemporaries and later historians, but he was no armchair soldier. He first learned his soldier’s craft under General Koos de la Rey and General Louis Botha during the South African War (1899−1902). He emerged from that conflict immersed in Boer manoeuvre doctrine.

After forming the Union Defence Force in 1912, Smuts played an integral part in the German South West African campaign in 1915. Placed in command of the Allied forces in East Africa in 1916, he led a mixed bag of South Africans and imperial troops against the legendary Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and his Schutztruppen.

His penchant for manoeuvre warfare and mounted infantry freed most of the vast German territory from Lettow-Vorbeck’s grip.

General Jan Smuts and his First World War in Africa provides a long-overdue reassessment of Smuts’s generalship and his role in furthering the strategic aims of South Africa and the British Empire during this era.

About David:
David is an author and historian, who lectures at the Army and Defence Colleges of the South African National Defence Force. He completed his MMil in Military History (cum laude) and a PhD in Military Science in the Department of Military History at the Faculty of Military Science of Stellenbosch University. He is also research fellow at the Faculty of Military Science and an active member of the Andrew Mlangeni Regiment (formerly the South African Irish Regiment). Katz is the author of South Africans vs Rommel (2019).

About Evert
Dr Evert Kleynhans is a senior lecturer in the Department of Military History at the Faculty of Military Science at Stellenbosch University. He is the former head of the Records, Archives and Museums Division at North-West University. Several of his articles and chapters have been published in academic journals and books.

ANC Billionaires by Pieter Du Toit

CapeTalk Breakfast Show host Lester Kiewit is joined by top-selling author Pieter du Toit to chat about his latest book, ANC Billionaires.

About The Book:
In September 1985 a group of white South African business leaders travelled to a game lodge in Zambia to meet with the exiled ANC leadership under Oliver Tambo and Thabo Mbeki. The group wanted to establish for themselves who and what the ANC was, and they were led by Gavin Relly, executive chairperson of Anglo American.

The Zambian visit set in motion a coordinated and well-resourced plan by big business to influence political change in South Africa. After the ANC was unbanned, their goal was to ensure the party did not turn the country into a last outpost of socialism.

In The ANC Billionaires top-selling author Pieter du Toit investigates whether secret deals were struck between capital and the liberation movement to ensure the status quo remains in terms of economic policy. He also shows how the ANC was completely unprepared to navigate the intersection between business and politics.

The book draws on first-hand accounts by major role players about the contentious relationship between capital and the ANC before, during and after the country’s transition to democracy.

It also sheds light on the millionaires and billionaires who have benefited from their relationship to the party, and with business. After 1994, a cadre of politically connected businessmen, such as Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa, Saki Macozoma and Patrice Motsepe, emerged who had access to preferential empowerment deals brokered by companies like Anglo American – all became very wealthy.

The one thing these individuals have in common is the ANC - the party of government and patronage.

About Pieter du Toit:
Pieter is an award-winning journalist and assistant editor at News24. He is the author of the best-selling Stellenbosch Mafia (2019) and the co-author of Enemy of the People (2017), with Adriaan Basson. Pieter is a former editor of HuffPost South Africa and news editor of Beeld and Netwerk24.

About Lester Kiewit:
CapeTalk’s Morning show host Lester Kiewit began his broadcasting journey in 2004 as Eyewitness News intern. He soon established himself as a respected journalist, diving into the world of television in 2008 as eNCA reporter and later Parliamentary Correspondent. He was also Cape Town Bureau Chief for the Mail and Guardian newspaper. Kiewit has forged a reputation as a tough, brave reporter and talented storyteller. His uncanny ability to find, and tell, the stories that matter saw him join CapeTalk again in 2021 as host of 'The Morning Review with Lester Kiewit', before moving to the breakfast drive slot.

The Hive by Scarlett Brade

Pagecast Co-Producer Maryam Adams is in conversation with Scarlette Brade, author The Hive.

A feminist thriller for anyone who's ever sworn revenge on an ex. Perfect for fans of You, Clickbait and Blood Orange.

'Tense, topical and stylish' TM LOGAN

'An addictive read!' ALICE HUNTER

'Dark and gripping' CASS GREEN

Charlotte Goodwin looks directly at the camera and reveals a chilling truth to the thousands watching her Instagram Live broadcast. She has killed her ex-boyfriend's new partner in cold blood. But she is not finished yet. The viewers must now vote to decide whether he should live or die. The public display sends shockwaves rippling through the online community and the numbers of viewers skyrockets. But as Lincoln's past is revealed, how will he be judged? The Hive explores our darkest fears of the relationship between social media and mental health, but, most importantly, the strength of sisterhood against all the odds.

About Scarlette:
Scarlett Brade is the daughter of parents who migrated from the Caribbean to England in the early 1970s. She was born and educated in London, though as a child she spent her summers in Canada, where she developed her love affair with reading. When not writing Scarlett spends most of her time cooking, drinking fine wines, and entertaining family and friends. The Hive is her first psychological thriller, and she is currently writing her second.

Joan: A Novel of Joan of Arc by Katherine J. Chen

Journalist Nancy Richards chats with author Katherine J. Chen about her latest book, Joan: A Novel of Joan of Arc.

About The Book:
Girl. Warrior. Heretic. Saint? France is mired in a losing war against England. Its people are starving. Its king is in hiding. Yet out of the chaos, an unlikely heroine emerges.

Reckless, steel-willed and brilliant, Joan has survived a childhood steeped in both joy and violence to claim an extraordinary - and fragile - position at the head of the French army. The battlefield and the royal court are full of dangers and Joan finds herself under suspicion from all sides - as well as under threat from her own ambition.

With unforgettably vivid characters and propulsive storytelling, Joan is a thrilling epic, a triumph of historical fiction, and a feminist celebration of one remarkable - and remarkably real - woman who left an indelible mark on history.

About Katherine:
Katherine J. Chen is the author of the novel Mary B. Her work has been published in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Literary Hub, and the historical fiction anthology Stories from Suffragette City. She received her MFA from Boston University, where she was a senior teaching fellow and awarded the Florence Engel Randall Fiction Prize.

About Nancy:
Nancy Richards is an independent journalist with a good few years experience on radio and in print. As a radio presenter, areas of specialisation included shows on literature, the environment and ‘women’s issues’. In print she’s covered environment matters, books and literature, lifestyle, travel and décor amongst other things. She has a podcast called Books Stories People and is founder of an NPO: Woman Zone and The Women’s Library at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town. She also oversees Woman Zone’s podcast series covering books by women writers and other stories. She’s authored/co-authored Beautiful Homes: as featured in Fairlady magazine; Woman Today – 50 years of South African women on radio and Being a Woman in Cape Town: Telling your story. She is a speaker, media trainer and board member of NPO Soil for Life. Born in London, she is based in Cape Town

The Eye of the Beholder by Margie Orford

David Attwell is in conversation with Margie Orford, author of The Eye Of The Beholder.

About the book:

An extremely sharp, well-written female revenge thriller that looks at trauma and the complicated ways in which it manifests.


Cora carries secrets her daughter can’t know.

Freya is frightened by what her mother leaves unsaid.

Angel will only bury the past if it means putting her abusers into the ground.

One act of violence sets three women on a collision course, each desperate to find the truth – but the people they love are not what they seem.

About Margie:

Margie Orford is an internationally acclaimed writer. Her Clare Hart novels have been widely translated and led to her being described as the ‘queen of South African crime-thriller writers’ (The Weekender). She has written a number of children’s books and several works of nonfiction, and is also an award-winning journalist who writes regularly for newspapers in the UK and in South Africa. Orford is a member of the executive board of PEN International and president emerita of PEN South Africa. She lives in London.

About David:

David Attwell joined the University of York in January 2006 as a Professor of Modern Literature. He served as Head of the English and Related Literature Department from 2007/8 to 2011/12, and from 2012/13 to 2016/17. He took his BA and BA (Honours) degrees at the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa and completed an MA by research on African literary theory and criticism at the University of Cape Town where his supervisor was J.M. Coetzee. He completed his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin where he worked with the distinguished Africanist Bernth Lindfors.

David Attwell's publications include two monographs on J.M. Coetzee, the more recent being J.M. Coetzee and the Life of Writing (2015) which was a Finalist for the Alan Paton Prize, South Africa's premier award for nonfiction. Rewriting Modernity (2005/6) is his collection of studies of African writers in southern Africa from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. With Derek Attridge he co-edited The Cambridge History of South African Literature (2012).

John Maytham in conversation with Marina Cantacuzino

I forgive you.

Three simple words behind which sits an intriguing and complex concept. These words can be used to absolve a meaningless squabble or said to someone who has caused you great harm. They can liberate you from guilt, or consciously place blame on your shoulders.

Forgiveness can often be perceived as saccharine and overtly religious, something just for the spiritually superior or mentally strong. But really it is a gritty, risky concept that is so often relevant to our ordinary everyday lives. Forgiveness explores the subject from every angle, coming from a place of enquiry rather than persuasion, presenting it as an offering, never a prescription.

Marina Cantacuzino seeks to investigate, unpick and debate the limits and possibilities of forgiveness – in our relationships, for our physical and mental wellbeing, how it plays out in international politics and within the criminal justice system, and where it intersects with religious faith. Cantacuzino speaks to people across the globe who have considered forgiveness in different forms and circumstances. She talks to a survivor of Auschwitz; to someone who accidentally killed a friend; to people who have lost loved ones in acts of violence; to a former combatant in The Troubles as well as to the daughter of someone he murdered.

Through these real stories, expert opinion and the author’s experience from two decades working in this field, the reader gets to better understand what forgiveness is and what it most definitely isn’t, how it can be an important element in breaking the cycle of suffering, and ultimately how it might help transform fractured relationships and mend broken hearts.

Marina Cantacuzino's background is in journalism. Her work has appeared in most mainstream publications in the UK, plus many magazines both home and abroad. Having co-authored several books on subjects close to her heart, from HIV to disability, she is also a regular blog contributor to The Huffington Post. In 2003, in response to escalating global conflict, Marina embarked on a very personal project collecting stories in words and pictures from people who had lived through violence, tragedy or injustice and sought forgiveness or reconciliation rather than retaliation or revenge. From this she created 'The F Word' exhibition: a collection of images and personal narratives from around the world exploring forgiveness and understanding in the face of atrocity. The success of the exhibition, which launched in London in 2004, led to Marina founding The Forgiveness Project.

The Guerrilla and the Journalist by Fred Bridgland

Fred Bridgland is in conversation with Afrikaans TV reporter and anchor Lourensa Eckard.

About the book:
As a young Reuters correspondent, Fred Bridgland revealed the secret invasion in 1975 of post-independence Angola by apartheid South Africa’s armed forces in support of UNITA rebel leader, Jonas Savimbi. At the time, Bidgland befriended Tito Chingunji, a guerrilla officer, before he became UNITA foreign secretary, who persuaded Bridgland to walk hundreds of kilometres across Angola to watch UNITA’s fighters go into combat.

Later Chingunji and Bridgland worked together on a sympathetic biography of the charismatic Savimbi – then the great hope of the ‘free West’. However, after the book’s publication, Chingunji told Bridgland how he and his family were under constant threat of death from Savimbi.

Bridgland started to uncover atrocities that revealed Savimbi not as the champion of his people, but as a murderous tyrant. Chingunji had risked his life to help Bridgland tell the true story of what was going on behind the scenes. When his friend went missing, Bridgland journeyed into the Angolan jungle to plead his friend’s case and he, himself, was put before a kangaroo court by an enraged Savimbi.

This is a personal account of the bond that developed between a guerrilla fighter and a journalist, and the terrifying challenges they faced as they revealed Savimbi’s true colours.

In Our Own Words - Nurses On The Front Line

This episode is brought to you in collaboration with CapeTalk 567.

Host of the CapeTalk Afternoon Drive show chats with Author, Siedine Coetzee, and Nurse, Roseanne Turner regarding their experiences as nurses on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our nurses have witnessed the pandemic first hand, compassionately caring for patients amid war-like circumstances.

The havoc caused by the pandemic highlighted existing fault lines in the South African health system, and nurses faced shortages of staff and vital life-saving equipment. Colleagues tested positive and died. Visitors were not allowed, so nurses had to be intermediaries between patients and desperate family trying to glean information on the phone. Despite these pressures, they remained at the forefront of the fight against the deadly virus.

This book brings together deeply personal stories of caring for patients in wards and ICU, of feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing the fear of getting infected and passing Covid on to their families. There are also moving tales of personal growth and finding renewed purpose. In Our Own Words shows the extreme resilience of nurses – even in the face of adversity. And that at the core of a ‘true’ nurse remains the commitment to the patient.

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

In this episode of Pagecast, Kirstin Chen is in conversation with Jennifer Platt, the books editor at the Sunday Times.

About Kirstin:
Kirstin Chen is the New York Times best-selling author of three novels. Her latest, Counterfeit, is a Reese’s Book Club pick, a Roxane Gay book club pick, and a New York Times Editors’ Choice. It has also been recommended by The Washington Post, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, Time, Oprah Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Parade, and more. Translation rights have sold in seven languages and television rights have been optioned by Sony Pictures. Her previous two novels are Bury What We Cannot Take and Soy Sauce for Beginners.

She has received fellowships and awards from the Steinbeck Fellows Program, Sewanee, Hedgebrook, Djerassi, the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference, the Toji Cultural Foundation, and the National Arts Council of Singapore. Her writing has appeared in The Cut, Real Simple, Literary Hub, Writer’s Digest, Zyzzyva, and the Best New Singaporean Short Stories. She holds an MFA from Emerson College and a BA from Stanford University. Born and raised in Singapore, she lives in New York City.

About the book:
Meet Ava: rule-abiding lawyer who has ticked all of life’s boxes. She is married to a successful surgeon and has just taken an indefinite career break to raise her adorable toddler. A picture-perfect life.

Meet Winnie: Ava’s old college roommate. Once awkward, quiet and apparently academically challenged, she left Stanford in a shroud of scandal. But now, she is charismatic, wealthy and has returned to town dripping in designer accessories. An actual perfect life.

When the two women bump into one another at a local coffee shop, it seems like fate has intervened: Winnie’s new-found success is courtesy of a shady business and she needs a favour, but what starts as one favour turns into two, then three.

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