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Enjoy the Discovery channel of radio.
Ayzee and Nicole explore some of the wonders of the world, historic events and the most absurd facts.
Weekly English South Africa Earth Sciences · History
6 Episodes

Vatican City Murders

Ayzee and Nicole focus on the conspiracy about all the people that were killed in the Vatican City, and the attempted murder of the pope. Why was this happening?
6 Oct 2021 30 min

Amelia Earhart

Ayzee and Nicole analyse another conspiracy theory. They investigate the mysterious disappearance of Amelia Earhart's plane.
29 Sep 2021 30 min

Flat Earth

Is the earth flat and what makes you think so? Have we been living on a plane instead of a ball?
22 Sep 2021 27 min

Moon Landing Was Fake

One of mankind's greatest achievements was successfully landing on the moon. But is it a lie? Was the whole thing and all the footage fake? The girls look into this to see if we have been lied to.
15 Sep 2021 31 min

The Lizard People

Ayzee & Nicole take a look at some very interesting conspiracy theories... They venture into the detail of these theories and where they originated from. Are aliens living amongst us?
8 Sep 2021 31 min

The Paralympics

The Paralympic has been a significant historical movement that Nicole and Ayzee plan to uncover today. Have disabled people been treated fairly?
1 Sep 2021 28 min