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You want a friend, a friend that’s not perfect. A friend that sees the lighter side of life (perhaps weirder side) and takes your attention away from your own issues for a while. A friend who manages to make you see your issues differently. Perhaps making you realize that your issues aren’t that different at all (we ALL have issues)!
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All Africa Junior Team Championship

Our very own 18 year old Todd Parker will be taking part in the All Africa Junior Team Championship in Uganda next week from Monday to Thursday. Karlien spoke to Todd and Jaco Van Reenen who is the Namibian Team Coach.
14 Apr 7AM 8 min

DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality

Every year on 8 March, International Women's Day is celebrated This year the theme is: DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality Karlien spoke to Vivette Rittmann, an Applied digital Anthropologist about the issues that challenge gender equality in the technology and innovation space, and other areas of innovation where…
8 Mar 6AM 19 min

The Namibian Scholars' Investment Challenge (NSIC)

Karlien spoke to Mignon du Preez - Executive for Marketing, public affairs and sustainability for Old Mutual. The aim of the Namibian Scholars' Investment Challenge (NSIC) is to introduce university and secondary school students to share investments and to provide them with knowledge on broader aspects of capital market operations,…
8 Mar 5AM 8 min

"Ons Mense" se Tanja Bause kuier by Karlien

Bekende joernalis Tanja Bause het vandag by Karlien in die ateljee gekuier. Tanja doen 'n weeklikse "Ons Mense" rubriek vir die plaaslike koerant Die Republikein. Sy vertel die stories van soveel ongelooflike Namibiers wat ons inspireer en hoop gee. Tanja deel ook haar planne vir die nuwe jaar om die…
13 Dec 2022 5AM 11 min

Alex stap vir Depressie in Mans

Karlien het met Alex Gous gesels oor sy staptog vir bewusmaking van depressie in mans. Ongeveer 600 kilometer oor 14 dae, van Tsumeb tot in Swakopmund. Kyk uit vir hierdie jong man tydens jou reise die volgende 2 weke!
9 Dec 2022 6AM 2 min

Brave Para-cyclists to take on the Desert Dash

The 2022 edition of the Nedbank Desert Dash will for the first time see para-cyclists competing in the 397-kilometre, 24-hour race, that sees cyclists riding through the Namib Desert, from Windhoek to Swakopmund. The Run Along Foundation in collaboration with the Namibia Paralympic Committee (NPC), with the support of Nedbank…
5 Dec 2022 6AM 14 min

Black Beach - 491 Days in one of the world and Africa's worst prisons.

What was supposed to be a short business trip to Equatorial Guinea turned into a journey to the depths of hell.  Black Beach, located on Bioko island off the mainland of Equatorial Guinea, is one of the world’s most feared prisons, notorious for its brutality and inhumane conditions.  In 2013,…
21 Nov 2022 5AM 15 min

Get to know Deon in 4 minutes

Since Ian F had to do the spit fire questions, Karlien thought it's only fair that Deon has to do the same…
26 Oct 2022 6AM 4 min

Namibia Down Syndrome Day

Karlien spoke to Levine Smit from the Down Syndrome Association of Namibia about the Namibia Down Syndrome Day on Saturday 22 October at St. George's School from 9am - 12pm.
20 Oct 2022 7AM 10 min

World Rhino Day on 22 September

Karlien spoke to Jessie Willemse from the Rhino Momma Project. Make sure to listen to find out how you can get involved and help with this amazing project. For more info: marketing@rhinomomma.com
19 Sep 2022 7AM 6 min

Special plans for World Rhino Day

In the lead up to World Rhino Day on 22 September, Karlien spoke to Margo Bishop of The Portfolio representing the Rhino Momma Project. Listen to this conversation if you've ever wondered how you can help to make a difference, or what you can do on World Rhino Day. For…
15 Sep 2022 5AM 7 min

An open and honest conversation about depression and suicide

Karlien asked David Bishop and Hermien Elago to join her in studio where the three openly discussed their own experiences with depression and suicide. In a world where suicide rates are getting out of hand, this is an important conversation to have. If you have ever felt like that, know…
8 Sep 2022 6AM 18 min

Salt Essential IT hanging out with Karlien on Nova 1035

Vanessa Maresh from Salt Essential IT tells Karlien about their funky billboards and the ideas behind that. We spoke about the Tribe campaign and how farming ties in with IT. They are also busy with an empowerment drive with MICT and a new robot called Zolt will be introduced soon…
4 Aug 2022 6AM 12 min

Looking for an adventure with a purpose?

Are you looking for an escape, for an adventure with freedom, where it’s just you and your motorcycle on the gravel roads! Well then sign up for the 11th Nampharm Foundation Adventure Ride from the 10th to the 17th September today, and ride with a purpose! Just head over to…
19 Jul 2022 7AM 17 min

The heart of stone speaks the life of love

There is currently an exhibition at the Bellhause Atelier and Galerie that took my breath away. The heart of stone speaks the life of love - Kudzanai Katetere Solo stone sculpture exhibition until 14 July 2022 The Power of Love collection of sculptures by KUDZANAI KATERERE is a dangerous exhibition…
12 Jul 2022 6AM 12 min
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