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S1/Ep.09 - Sex Ed Part Three

This is the final part of my three-part mini-series about sex ed. with my friend Ashley. If you haven’t yet listened to the rest, find Episodes 7 and 8, and listen to them first.

In this last instalment, Ashley and I focus on inclusivity. In a world where marginalised folk have historically had to hide their identities, good sexual citizenship includes celebrating everyone for who they are.

S1/Ep.08 - Sex Ed Part Two

This is the second of a three-part mini-series about sex ed. If you haven’t yet listened to part one, find Episode 7 and listen to that first.

In this episode, Ashley and I pick up where we left off, and speak about misconceptions about sex ed, how good sexual citizenship education can protect children, important insights about consent and boundaries, the value of teaching empathy, and the importance of inclusive sexual citizenship education.

S1/Ep.07 - Sex Ed Part One

Against the backdrop of gender-based violence, hook-up culture, a wholly inadequate understanding of consent by many, sexual abuse, rampant sexism and misogyny, and a lack of sexual and gender inclusivity – which leads to real harm for LGBTQIA folk – I have come to believe that a prudish approach to sex ed is damaging, and we must do better. We need to help children and teenagers understand what it means to be good sexual citizens. My Canadian friend, Ashley joins me for part one of this conversation.

S1/Ep.06 - Supremacy Part Two

In part two of “Supremacy”, Ayanda Zaca and Bruce continue their conversation about how historical power dynamics still have an impact on people's perception of their position and worth in comparison to others who don't look like them.

S1/Ep.05 - Supremacy Part One

In part one of “Supremacy”, Ayanda Zaca and Bruce talk about the power of friendship, supremacy in the context of race, and false narratives that support supremacy. Ayanda shares vulnerably about some of his own experiences and challenges the presumption that, based on skin colour, some people hold more value than others.

Music extracts in this episode:

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika - The South African national anthem

Somlandela Luthuli - A hymn, Somlandela uJesu (We will follow Jesus) changed into the struggle song, Somlandela Luthuli (We will follow Luthuli)

Mini-Episode 02 - Privilege

I unpack the privilege I embody through the many intersections of my identity and highlight how I’ve had to confront the ways in which supremacy has raised its head in my journey.

S1/Ep.04 - Synthesis

I can easily give the impression that I’m simply burning everything to the ground. Still, the truth is, in all of the deconstructing, I am looking to build again – I might not be sure of what that looks like, but I do desire spiritual connection and practice. My friend, Stanley Biggs, offers an alternative perspective on faith deconstruction that has me thinking.
Meghan Crozier's Open Letter The Practice Co IG: The Practice Co IG: Stanley Biggs IG: Paul Henning

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