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What the law says about your rights when you use credit

Do you know what the law says about your rights when you use credit? Up to 72% of consumers live on credit and therefore it is very important to know what the law says about your consumer rights even before you apply. The National Credit Act protects you in various…
11 Mar 47 min

Common money mistakes

This week on Moola Matters Ina chats to Claire from Momentum metropolitan about common money mistakes consumers make and how to avoid it.
6 Mar 45 min

Do you want to get rid of your debt?

38% of South African consumers are unable to pay their bills although they are spending less as they battle to pay their debts due to economic pressures, stagnant household incomes and increasing inflation. How to get rid of your debts is a question consumers ask regularly as most of them…
19 Feb 41 min

Want to improve your financial situation? Listen here

The past three years have been hard on our pockets and many of us are broke as is illustrated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) 2020 Baseline Financial Survey that showed that all indicators of financial literacy in consumers had decreased, including ‘financial control’. It seems that we have…
13 Feb 39 min

Make sure you are saving and not overspending on Black Friday

According to CEO of National Debt Advisors Charnel Collins, Black Friday is not the biggest discount shopping day of the year, as so many believe. “There are far better discount opportunities throughout the year. Consumers will spend more during the festive season than any other year. Therefore everyone should have…
18 Nov 2022 7 min

How much it could cost you to give birth

In this personal finance episode, we talk to one of our new moms about how much it cost her to give birth at a private hospital with no medical aid. She talks to us about preparing, saving up for labour day, and what you should never skip.
4 Nov 2022 2 min

Women in leadership

Michelle Olckers comments on what's keeping women out of leadership in professional services.
12 Aug 2022 1 min

Building generational wealth

Carol Mazaka, consumer director at 1Life, talks about generational wealth and Hayley Parry, facilitator of 1Life's Truth about Money Initiative.
3 Aug 2022 2 min