Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard Your Health is Freedom with Satram Blair

Your Health is Freedom with Satram Blair

Embrace your vitality.

The podcast explores themes and issues of self-identity, energy, emotions, behavioural traits, personal fulfilment, health issues, wellness, spirituality, conscious living, meditation and mindfulness.
Identify why we grapple with stagnation, darkness, and the past which prevents us from being transformed.
Understand the origin of our belief systems and the journey of healing and its process.
Occasionally English South Africa Society & Culture · Philosophy
3 Episodes

Family Dynamics | Struggling with unresolved feelings during Christmas

It's time to reunite and enjoy the food, ambience and atmosphere. A display of emotions is expected and appropriate. It’s crucial to reflect, release and respect not only on the good times but having hard discussions to unravel what caused the rift, tension, disintegration, hurt, anger, disillusionment, betrayal, hypocrisy and…
13 Dec 2022 1 hr 46 min

Burnout | Do you know what your body is communicating to you?

Have you ever felt helpless, trapped, hopeless, resentful, detached, disillusioned, cynical, withdrawal from responsibilities, procrastinating with a negative outlook and completely exhausted? You may be on the road to Burnout. It's a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Burnout tangles and weaves into…
11 Nov 2022 43 min

Your Health is Freedom Trailer

Everything is energy. When we grasp this on the deepest level we begin to use vibrations to heal and avoid the vibrations that cause discomfort and agony.
4 Oct 2022 13 min