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FMR @ The Movies

Good movies are often turned into great movies by the power of music.
Evocative scores and iconic themes that support and enhance the on-screen action all combine to make memorable movies.
Nick Plummer takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of film scores and film soundtracks, from the classics, right up to the latest releases, with 'FMR at The Movies'.
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75 Episodes
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FMR @ The Movies - 12 July 24

Your usual mix of feelgood movie scores, plus a celebration of some of the films of the late Donald Sutherland.
12 Jul 57 min

FMR @ The Movies - 05 July 24

FMR at The Movies brings you the most popular film music from the most popular composers. Kick back and enjoy your weekend!
5 Jul 56 min

FMR @ The Movies - 28 June 24

The magical music of the movies is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend, or download and listen whenever you want to.
28 Jun 56 min

FMR @ The Movies - 21 June 24

Another scintillating selection of spectacular cinematic scores, the perfect feelgood start to your weekend.
21 Jun 56 min

FMR @ The Movies - 17 May 24

With music from Vivaldi to Hans Zimmer, FMR at the Movies celebrates the diversity of music on the Silver Screen.
17 May 55 min

FMR @ The Movies - 10 May 24

An hour of great movie scores, and a handful of movie songs thrown in, because it's the soundtrack to your weekend!
10 May 55 min

FMR @ The Movies - 19 April 24

Caliphs to Cantinas; Diamonds to Da Vinci and Budapest to Venice - FMR at the Movies is the official feel-good start to your weekend!
19 Apr 56 min

FMR @ The Movies - 12 April 24

An hour of magical movie music - travel across the high seas; visit lost worlds and chambers of secrets; fly away to the stars and visit the man on the moon!
12 Apr 56 min

FMR @ The Movies - 29 Mar 24

Many directors incorporate popular music in their movie soundtracks - here's a small selection of tracks that became very popular as a result of being used in the movies.
29 Mar 56 min

FMR @ The Movies - 15 Mar 24

Nick takes a retrospective look at the 96th Academy Awards, with some interesting and maybe controversial observations…
15 Mar 54 min
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