Take Note

Fine Music Radio’s Take Note jazz project, with funding from the Media Development & Diversity Agency, and curated by the Cape Town Music Academy, is committed to developing and promoting local talent.

FMR will host live jazz concerts once a month, over a period of a year. These take place on the last Sunday of the month at 3 pm at the Guga S’Thebe Theatre in Langa. The music is recorded live and selected tracks are played at a later date on Fine Music Radio. Part of this initiative is training interns in the magic of radio production.
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14 Episodes

The FMR SA SESSIONS 27 JUNE 24- The Little Giants

The Little giants was established in 1999by South African Jazz Legends, the late Ezra Ngcukana and George Werner. On the 15th of June we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Little Giants with a special performance of Little Giants Past Present and Future
27 Jun 2 hr 13 min


Born and raised in Cape Town’s historic Langa township, maestro saxophonist and flutist McCoy Mrubata returns home to celebrate his 65th birthday in an exciting concert featuring American guitar wizard Gary Wittner. He brings home new songs from his latest album,Lullaby for Khayoyo, dedicated to his grandchild.
6 Jun 1 hr 50 min

Take Note - 29 FEB 2024 - he Little Giants, with soloist Anathi Mobo.

FMR’s tenth Take Note concert featured a youth jazz group: The Little Giants, with soloist Anathi Mobo. They performed African jazz standards, fusion and original tunes. The Little Giants was established in 1999 by local jazz icons, Ezra Ngcukana and George Werner. Saan Mahomed presents this podcast.
29 Feb 1 hr 47 min

Take Note - 28 DEC 2023 - The Nomadic Orchestra

FMR’s ninth Take Note concert featured an exciting ensemble called the Nomadic Orchestra. They are influence by Klezmer, gypsy, circus and party music. Saan Mahomed presents this podcast.
28 Dec 2023 1 hr 40 min

Take Note - 30 NOV 2023 - Trombonist Steven Sokuyeka

The 8th FMR Take Note Concert featured the magnificent trombonist Steven Sokuyeka with his sextet, playing mostly original music and paying homage to local jazz mentors Saan Mahomed presents this podcast
30 Nov 2023 1 hr 40 min

Take Note - 28 SEPT 2023 -Strong Women of Song

In Celebration of Women’s Month, Fine Music Radio is proud to announce our sixth "Take Note" concert: Strong Women of Song. The seven-piece band are headlined by: Sensational jazz singer Babalwa Mentjies , leading vocalist Jennifer Pau-Kakaza and the winner of FMR’s 2023 Bursary Trust Award for Jazz Vocals Carly…
28 Sep 2023 1 hr 43 min

Take Note - 31 AUG 2023 - The Kyle Shepherd Trio

FMR’s fifth Take Note concert was The Kyle Shepherd Trio with Kyle Shepherd (keyboard), Nic Williams (bass) Jonno Sweetman (drums) and special guest Justin Bellairs (saxophone). This podcast is presented by Saan Mahomed.
31 Aug 2023 1 hr 59 min

Take Note - 25 MAY 2023 - The Mike Rossi Project

Fine Music Radio is delighted to broadcast the second of our Take Note concerts presented by Saan Mahomed. The Mike Rossi Project performed at Guga S’Themba theatre in April, to a crowd who were dancing in the aisles.
25 May 2023 1 hr 43 min

Take Note - 27 April 2023 - The Hilton Schilder Goema Club

Fine Music Radio is delighted to broadcast the very first of our Take Note concerts. The Hilton Schilder Goema Club performed at the Guga S’Theba Theatre in March to a rapt audience. The show is hosted by Saan Mahomed.
27 Apr 2023 1 hr 33 min