Beyond the Scoreboard

Beyond the Scoreboard

On the field heroes are born and, in the stands, identities are shaped. Some people would argue that sport is more important than life.

Supabets has teamed up with CliffCentral to tee up the big weekend sporting talking points on The Gareth Cliff Show with Ben Karpinski every Friday. From local to international attractions, this is your window to what you need to know, and the outcomes worth discussing – plus results every Monday.

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Weekly English South Africa Sports
33 Episodes
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For all the Marbles

23.02.24 - Ben chats about a fight happening at the top of the Premier League, the games to watch in the URC, and the hugely anticipated India vs England 4th Test.
22 Feb 14 min

Up to Here in Rugby

The Proteas Women take on the fierce Aussies, but who comes out on top? URC is back! Are the Sharks still the top SA team in the league? Ben also talks about Tiger Woods returning to golf… and his new merch line.
15 Feb 15 min

Weekend of Finals

The SA20 and AFCON finals are upon us! Ben has some betting tips for the weekend’s rugby action… plus, Premier League football and ‘stadium’ golf. Powered by Supabets.
8 Feb 54 min

Backing Bafana

Ben Karpinski is back in studio to deliver all the weekend action including cricket, rugby, football… plus an AFCON update after a huge upset with Bafana Bafana beating Morocco earlier this week. Get some helpful betting advice, as well as an inside to an exclusive Supabets promotion to win a…
1 Feb 14 min

Bafana’s Double Taketh

Ben Karpinski exhausts his knowledge on tennis after a "young, skinny Italian man" by the name of Jannik Sinner has Novak Djokovic in a chokehold at the Australian Open. Ben gets into some cricket, with an update in the T20 and the upcoming fixtures for this weekend... plus some rugby…
25 Jan 14 min

One Man, One Nation

The biggest UFC match in South African history takes place this weekend in Vegas, with Dricus du Plessis taking on Sean Strickland at UFC 297. Ben also touches on T20, the AFCON, as well as the Premier League.
18 Jan 12 min

AFCON Kicks Off

Test cricket is in the toilet after the T20 started this week, with both local and international stars flooding in for a weekend full of cricket action. Investec Champions Cup is back, as well as Premier League - who are suffering, losing some of their players to the AFCON Cup…
11 Jan 10 min

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

Ben Karpinski joins live from Cape Town to report some results and upcoming fixtures for the holidays. He gets into the disappointment of the Proteas in recent weeks during India’s tour to South Africa, as well as some Boxing Day events to look out for - aside from the English…
21 Dec 2023 12 min

Wear the Pink

The start of the T20 is on Sunday and Ben is tickled pink with excitement. He also touches on all the rugby you need to know about during this busy season, as well as the English Premier league. UFC 296 is upon us, and Ben gives you the lowdown before…
13 Dec 2023 15 min

Breeze Past Loftus

Ben Karpinski dives into the 7’s Rugby fixtures and recent results as many people are in Cape Town for a match this weekend. In Premier League, Spurs flexed their muscles earlier this week, but suffered a dramatic loss last night… is this the start of their downfall? Find out all…
7 Dec 2023 15 min

Cricket Date Night

Ben Karpinski sums up the Cricket World Cup heartbreak for India, and their chase for a win in the T20 series. Premier League is back with some wild fixtures for the weekend. Ben also keeps us informed about United Rugby Championship, and finally - the SA Open.
30 Nov 2023 10 min

Summer of Cricket

Ben Karpinski delves into the latest in the sporting world this week - with an exclusive offer from Supabets for Black Friday! India is making their way to South Africa for a summer of cricket... find the best recommendations from Ben to watch and bet on. Find out what’s happening…
23 Nov 2023 10 min

The Proteas’ Chokehold

Ben is very disappointed about the Proteas’ exit from the Cricket World Cup, after a predictable choke and some unfortunate circumstances with their captain. We also catch up on the United Rugby Championships and of course the Race to Dubai.
16 Nov 2023 16 min

High Hopes and Scar Tissue

It’s Cricket World Cup time and Ben breaks down the current standings and makes some wild predictions for the finals! Golf and UFC finally have a South African competing for a championship. If you still have rugby woes - see the latest in the United Rugby Championships… and finally, some…
9 Nov 2023 10 min

Proteas Running It Up

Ben Karpinski breaks down the Proteas’ progress in the Cricket World Cup. We’re still riding a nationwide high as South Africa continues to strengthen its claim as a global sporting superpower, as seen with this past weekend’s amazing win at the Rugby World Cup. Will we continue the trend of…
3 Nov 2023 9 min

Cloudy with a Chance of a World Cup Win

Ben Karpinski gets into the final weekend of the Rugby World Cup. The Springboks have prepared for the All Blacks, and now it's the real test to defend the title. If you haven’t had enough rugby, Ben guides us through the upcoming United Rugby Championship. The Cricket World Cup is…
27 Oct 2023 11 min

Semis Weekend

England remains unbeaten, but take on the Springboks in the Rugby World Cup semis happening this weekend. New Zealand are up against Argentina, but will they throw a spanner in the works? Ben criticises Ryan’s sports bulletin... and find out more about the Cricket World Cup, English Premier League, plus…
20 Oct 2023 13 min

The Moneyball Ideology

Kicking off with the quarterfinals of the Rugby World Cup - with Sunday night being South Africa’s main event. The Cricket World Cup is off to a great start... are the Proteas finally performing because nobody cares? UFC fight night is coming up, and Cameron Saaiman is on the chopping…
13 Oct 2023 14 min

Cup of Chai

Kicking off with the Rugby World Cup, Ben breaks down the quarterfinal rounds as we wrap up the group stages. The ICC Cricket World Cup is on the brew, and Ben lays out the smart bet - plus a Supabets twist! Premier League and golf are also on the table…
6 Oct 2023 10 min

All Roads lead to Rome

The Rugby World Cup continues this week, with the next big game on Saturday - Italy vs New Zealand. Pollard has arrived from South Africa for the Springboks, but does he play this weekend? Ben also does a deep dive on the Ryder Cup happening in Rome.
29 Sep 2023 12 min
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