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Open Wide Say Ah is a new, fun, queer podcast all about everything sex and sexual. Hosted by Loren Loubser aka Lekker Lollas: a sex educator, online sex worker & facilitator. This podcast opens up every conversation we are missing in mainstream media. Conversations we are too shy to bring up with friends, partners, parents or even at school. It’s the sex podcast we have all been secretly looking for.
Occasionally English South Africa Education · Sexuality
16 Episodes

Sexual Healing

The Energy of sexuality and healing in discussion with Chezzie Martinez. We learn the activation of healing in our bodies & others and our deep connections and energies we can reach with sexual play in a true sacred sexuality. Finding life & connection in sacred sexuality so that we are…
11 Jan 2022 36 min

Is there space in faith to be you?

Zaheer shares his pride & existence in the world as a proud & out Muslim man that celebrates his amazing body & centres celebrating his existence & his new beautiful relationship. Also lots of tea around nudes, online work & being catfished. Follow & support the sexiest babes @notyourtopSee…
11 Jan 2022 47 min

Low to No Sex Drive

An open and educative talk about the feeling of when you just do not want it. When you are low and not up for sex or sexy time. The pandemic have made many people feel tired. But does this tiredness change us? Should we pause? Rest? Relax? Is this a…
9 Jan 2022 30 min

Taking up sexual space in the ableist world

We talk to Jacana Joy about their experience in the world as someone that is brown, indigenous, trans masc non-binary femme, fat, has PCOS & ADHD and is thriving in their queer power. Jacana brings a focus on sex and body that is honest, holistic, wholesome & good for you…
9 Jan 2022 40 min

F*ck OFf.

Only Fans & their f*ckery. This episode deals with how relying on a platform that makes money from sex workers is always going to be a problem and how quickly the platform damaged the industry & costed many people their livelihoods.See for privacy information.
9 Jan 2022 33 min

Opening Up

A young, anonymous , gay, interracial couple give us all the information & tips of opening up your relationship. They share how they work through jealousy, how they navigate sexual play & how they always come back to each other.See for privacy information.
9 Jan 2022 36 min

Putting pleasure first

We learn all about how different sex can feel and look if we don’t chase orgasms but rather centre pleasure & honest pleasure. To just play, feel and enjoy what brings you pleasure and what brings the other bodies pleasure. Mention of @checheluna discussing the "sexcalator" as how we chase…
9 Jan 2022 24 min

With great POWER cums great responsibility

This is probably the most waited for interview.... This episode I Open up Wide and Say Aah with my partner Gabe Gabriel. We discuss power dynamics as an interracial relationship from every aspect including sex, polyamorous dynamics, gender expressions, boundaries, threesomes, basically EVERYTHING is laid out!Follow @goesbygabriel An actor, award…
7 May 2021 42 min

Met Ace Ya

In a world that sexualises everything and especially femme bodies of colour, we often don’t get representations or information on the options we have and who we could be! This episode covers Asexuality, a topic that is just missing from our sexual education and even queer conversations. Ace, Demi, Aromantic,…
14 Apr 2021 32 min

101 guide to ROPE and ANAL

This Episode is double packed and in the way we want it! We talk all things rope play and how to get into it, what type of rope to use and ways to introduce rope to your life with guest educator, mentor, published writer Tapiwa Guzha AKA Sunga KonjiThen we…
18 Feb 2021 42 min


This episode is all about Sex Work! We discuss the different types of sex work and the move to online sex work for those with access. We talk about why it needs to be destigmatized and decriminalised. I mean if we are going to get taxed then we better have…
4 Feb 2021 30 min

Ironing out the kinks.

What is Kink and what does your kinky look like? You may already be into the kink world and just need some tips or reminders of healthy positive play. Or you may want to find out what all the spank is about. This episode Mamello Sejake and I unpack the umbrella…
13 Jan 2021 36 min

Kim Windvogel

This episode is ALL the tea! The most inclusive conversation I’ve had in a long time. We discuss safer spaces, safer sex, pleasure, consent, backlash of being sex positive in work spaces & POLYAMORY! I’m joined by my friend, poet, writer, sex educator, activist, Co-director & teacher Kim Windvogel aka…
1 Dec 2020 38 min

Zoey Black

In this delicious episode of OWSA we discuss all things sex, intimacy, consent & how coming out opens you up with Zoey Black (A Trans activist, Law student, Youtuber, leader, writer & friend.) Take a listen into all the appropriate ways of asking the questions, when to mind your business…
6 Nov 2020 35 min

Vagina Monologue

This is the launch of Open Wide Say Ah and what better way to start the foreplay off than to first educate on the anatomy of the vagina so that we understand the body before we understand what we want done to it or with it. This episode unpacks the…
6 Nov 2020 33 min