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The show caters for night owls, shift workers, emergency personnel and students pulling all-nighters, with a focus on good music and light-hearted conversation.
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11 Episodes

Mythbusters with Kea and guest Holly Rey

In recognition of World Diabetes Day, and to bust the many myths surrounding the disease, Kea caught up with celebrity muso Holly Rey who was diagnosed at the age of 11 with Type 1 diabetes.
16 Nov 9 min

Mythbusters with Kea and guest Una Rams

He is a Grammy award-winning artist, software engineer, creative director, and thought leader. What a fascinating conversation with this multi-talented Computer Science graduate who joined Kea to bust some myths about the music industry.
9 Nov 10 min

Mythbusters with Kea and guest Yanga Adam

Yanga is a Fitness Instructor and Exercise Group Manager with a Bachelor of Human Movement Science Degree - the perfect guest to bust some myths about exercise, getting fit, and losing weight!
2 Nov 8 min

Mythbusters with Kea and guest Andrea Exley

As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close, Kea hosted the Trauma Facilitator and Counselor for BackChat Therapy in studio to uncover some commonly held beliefs about "going for therapy."
26 Oct 13 min

Mythbusters with Kea and guest Ashleigh Mather

So what is the life of a life of a 'real' housewife like? Fresh from the reality TV series 'The Real Housewives of Gqeberha', Ashleigh busts some myths about being a stay-at-home mom.
19 Oct 7 min

Mythbusters with Kea and guest DJ Aviwe Xaluva.

The popular GQ-based DJ knows how to get a party started, with a huge following and a successful career as a DJ , he was the perfect choice to bust some commonly held beliefs about the DJ scene in South Africa.
12 Oct 9 min

Mythbusters with Kea and guest Michelle Weber

As a 2x Olympic swimmer it's safe to say Michelle Weber knows a thing or two about the sport. Weber joined Kea on the line from Franshoek to bust some long-standing myths about going for a dip.
28 Sep 8 min

Mythbusters with Kea Zawadi and guest Dr Que Ntojini

The harder you brush the cleaner your teeth – true or false? In this week’s episode of Mythbusters Kea was joined by dentist Dr Que Ntojini to get to the truth about keeping those pearly whites looking their best.
18 Sep 10 min

Kea launches Mythbusters feature

In this new feature, Kea gets to the truth about commonly held myths that persist in society from generation to generation. In the hot seat for the first edition was well-known actor Mpho Sbeng busting misconceptions about the acting industry.
14 Sep 6 min