Shark Stories

They're usually the stars of horror movies, phobias and nightmares... but are sharks really our mortal enemy? These stories might just change your mind about these ancient creatures of the deep. Anthony Mederer is joined by marine biologist Dr Sara Andreotti to help us see sharks in a new and different way. Proudly brought to you by SharkSafe Barrier.
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Social Structures and Dynamics

We continue our chat with shark conservationist, Michael Rutzen, as he shares more incredible stories from his many dives with sharks over the years.
13 Dec 2023 19 min

Enter the Sharkman

World renowned shark conservationist, Michael Rutzen was among the first divers to dive cage-free with white sharks. This week, he shares some unbelievable stories with us.
6 Dec 2023 15 min

The Two Surfers

In 1994, two friends went surfing at Nahoon beach in South Africa… but there was a Great White shark there too.
29 Nov 2023 16 min

Deep Dive

In 1972, three divers faced a harrowing experience when one of them was attacked by oceanic whitetip sharks, while diving to the depths of the Caribbean.
22 Nov 2023 17 min

Sole Survivor

Three people set out for a fishing expedition in Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 1983. Only one of them would return.
15 Nov 2023 17 min

Black December

In December 1957, nine people were attacked by sharks along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The government had a unique approach to stopping the carnage... but did it work?
1 Nov 2023 11 min

Jersey Shore attacks

Up until around a century ago, people didn't know about sharks and how dangerous they could be. That all changed in July 1916.
25 Oct 2023 19 min