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Drive 959 with Glen Lewis

Drive 959 with Glen Lewis, weekdays on Kaya 959, 15:00 - 18:00. Glen Lewis teams up with Skhumba Hlope, Kgomotso Meso, Angie Khumalo, and Ayanda Nyathi.
Weekly English South Africa Music · Comedy
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Drive Moment - More Money More Problems?

If you won billions of dollars in the lottery, would you tell anyone? Family or Friends? After a New York man remains in legal disputes with his family over not sharing his lottery winnings, listeners shared their interesting perspectives on whether or not it's a good idea to share that…
17 May 9 min

Drive Moment - How Often Do You Change Essential Items

How often do you change essential items like towels, linen, underwear and toothbrushes? And do you side eye people who don't change these as often or as little as you do? The answers from Glen, Skhumba, Kgomotso, and the listeners were quite surprising!
16 May 10 min

Drive Moment - Is Durban Still A Holiday Destination Of Choice For You?

Durban has always been known as a jewel for local travelers in South Africa looking for a great holiday. However, in light of the struggles the city has faced in recent years, with poor municipal management, and the aftermath of multiple devastating floods, the city's tourism appeal is declining. Listeners…
10 May 14 min

Drive Moment - First Dates! What Could Go Wrong?

We discuss the ways that first dates can go wrong when it comes to the bill, after a woman ordered champagne on a date, and her date disappeared, and she had to foot a R4000 bill with her rent money.
8 May 10 min

Drive Moment

Ladies if your man's friends are coming over, do you feel the need to change, and not wear your "home" clothes? The answers we heard from listeners were quite interesting!
3 May 7 min

#InYourWorld - Service Etiquette

Skhumba shares an interesting moment in his Uber today, where the driver was eating a burger and chips in the car while driving him. Listeners also share their service etiquette stories!
30 Apr 11 min


Do people who have been single for too long end up being too independent to open up to real love? Glen Skhumba and Kgomotso discuss all angles…
29 Apr 9 min

Drive Moment - Freedom Day

On the eve of the Freedom Day public holiday, what personal freedoms are you looking forward to? While we usually discuss the politics around Freedom day, sometimes it's okay to enjoy a moment to ourselves, or with friends and family. Listeners share the simple freedoms they'll be enjoying this weekend.
26 Apr 6 min

Drive Moment - Borrowed Items That Never Come Back

We all have items that were borrowed by friends and family that somehow find a new home and never come back! What are those items, and do we just accept that once they're gone, they're never coming back! Listen in!
25 Apr 6 min

#InYourWorld - Celebrity Product Lines

Celebrity Product Lines... Do you buy them? And if so, is it for the quality of the product or for the hype? Glen, Skhumba and Kgomotso ask listeners about their experiences with products that celebrities create both locally and internationally.
25 Apr 7 min

Drive Moment - Innocent Masuku Triumphs At Britain's Got Talent

Innocent Masuku Triumphs at Britain's Got Talent, and tells Simon Cowell that someone once told him he wouldn't go far in the opera world. What a winning moment! Have you ever proven negative people wrong by achieving your dreams? The team weighs in!
24 Apr 7 min
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