Inside Covid-19: Ivermectin may reduce infection time, Covid spread slows as vaccines take off

In this episode of Inside Covid-19, we hear from Professor Eli Schwarz. Professor Schwarz is an Israeli tropical disease expert, who says he has new proof that a drug used to fight parasites in third world countries, could help reduce the length of infection for people who contract the coronavirus. Professor Schwartz, founder of the Centre for Travel Medicine and Tropical disease, has completed a clinical trial of the FDA-approved ivermectin. We hear from our partners at Bloomberg, about how the spread of Covid-19 appears to be slowing as vaccine rollout ramps up around the world Also in the show, we hear from Discovery’s Head of Legal Services, Harry Joffe, about how Covid-19 is changing attitudes to wills and life cover. He tells us about an estate preserver that has been launched to cover the costs associated with dying, including the expenses of setting up trusts to safeguard and manage finances for beneficiaries.
26 Feb 2021 11AM English South Africa Health & Fitness · Business News

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