Inside Covid-19: Deep insights on how people have battled Covid-19 demons; Ivermectin SA legal battle

When the Covid-19 pandemic first swept across the globe and governments instituted lockdowns, many people thought the crisis would be over in a few months. But a year later, many countries are still under lockdown rules, even as vaccinations are rolled out. In a powerful, in-depth report from Bloomberg, we hear how people in the world's richest nation have been coping - and failing to cope - with the new world order in the era of Covid-19. Also in this episode, we share an update on the role of Ivermectin in treating Covid-19, including from lawyer Bonani Luthuli of Bonani Khanyile ka Luthuli Attorneys who has been involved in taking the South African regulatory authority to court in a battle to legalise the use of Ivermectin specifically for Covid-19. - Jackie Cameron
19 Mar 2021 8AM English South Africa Health & Fitness · Business News

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