Cover to Cover Episode 8

Episode 8 will be presented by Eusebius McKaiser.

The authors are Adekeye Adebajo on his book "The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes" about Rhodes waking up in an African Hereafter 120-years after his death and Shireen Hassim, one of the contributors to the book "Reassessing Mandela" who spoke to Eusebius from Canada about Mandela's legacy and place in the country's history.

Eusebius McKaiser adds "Mandela and Rhodes represent diametrically opposed historical figures. One is thoroughly evil and colonial. The other is an exemplar of moral courage. In this episode we explore two very different books that pair nicely in their nuanced exploration of these subjects."

“Books help us understand not only our present, but our past and future too. The titles in this episode of Cover to Cover do all three.” Batya Bricker, General Manager, Exclusive Books
8 Apr 2021 English South Africa Books

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