#091 Get Ready For a Meta First World | Faith Popcorn

The future of metaverse and the importance of early adopters.

Are you ready to escape the real world and join us in the metaverse? Faith Popcorn, the world-renowned futurist and CEO of BrainReserve. Also nicknamed the Nostradamus of Marketing because of her 95% accuracy in predicting the future sits down with Carmen Murray to discuss the meta first world.

Do you want the metaverse explained or want to understand why we need the metaverse? Are you interested to know if Facebook made the right move? Come and imagine with us all the possibilities that exist?

Grab a cup of something. Loosen up and join this deep conversation with host Carmen Murray, the catalyst of curious conversations as she and Faith Popcorn have a fascinating chat.

About the host:
Carmen Murray, Modern Marketer, Digital Analyst, and Content Specialist, CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services and Carmen Murray Communications.
Africa representative of The Connected Marketer™, IAB Black Pixel Winner- Digital 2019, and nominated as one of the top women in tech- Africa-Meltwater.

Credit to our amazing team at Solid Gold Podcast Studios.
Always helping us to #BeHeard
11 Nov 2021 English Explicit South Africa Marketing

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