#053 A better weigh to build a grocer — Dom and Sam Moleta

And we’re back!

This is the One-Eyed Man, my name is Mike Stopforth, and today we’re jumping head first into the second half of our #originalbytradition series brought to you by the Glenlivet. We took a short pause to extract and share some highlights from the first five episodes, and of course to give away some premium Glenlivet prizes, so if you missed that, please follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram – you’ll be the first to hear about future updates and giveaways.

I’m really excited about this show. It’s hard to think of a better example of entrepreneurs challenging traditional industries with original solutions than my two guests, Sam and Dom Moleta of the Refillery, an eco-friendly, plastic-free grocery store. Both their online and real world offerings have grown significantly over the last few years (which is saying something in itself), in no small part due to a really beautiful brand and product design and a crop of loyal, passionate customers.

The secret behind their success will be obvious when you hear them talk about this project. I was deeply inspired by their vision, intention and work ethic. I’m sure you will be, too. If you’d like to watch the conversation, catch it on my YouTube channel.

Off we go.
18 Nov 2021 English South Africa Management · Personal Journals

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