MWA E21 - Reconnecting after, during and beyond shifting plains/ reflections on 2021, a wrap up of sorts

Dee and Kathleen reconnect on MWA after a long absence as life in the second year of the pandemic has been H-E-C-T-I-C! We use the episode to catch our breaths and catch up with each other. We speak about the importance of routines for kids but probably more so for adults, some of the pros of the pandemic, choosing schools and young boyhood. Dee and Kath find that they have entered a new phase of settling in and bedding down, the next chapter so to speak of cementing more of our familial identities. We speak about a long hiatus in our chats both on and offline and the importance of building ritual year after year. The episode is punctuated with a few words on Christmas plans and creating special traditions which are specific to our families such as Christmas tree trimmings and ways to find space to connect and be gentle with ourselves and our families and those we love.