#035 If there's anything else you'd rather be doing, do that | Justin Sasman (Bombshelter Beast)

"If you have kids, love them, have fun with them, and show them all of you."

Welcome to Episode #10 in a 10-part series on "Parents in the Music Industry" - made possible with funding support from the Music in Africa Foundation, the German Federal Foreign Office, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.

Justin Sasman is a musical contractor, a brass player, and an educator at Northwest University in Potchefstroom. He plays in a band called Bombshelter Beast, and in the local orchestra. He's also a dad.

In this episode Justin talks about being selective about the work you take on, the self-esteem that comes from doing what you love (despite what anybody else thinks), remembering what is feels like to be a child, and how developing your craft makes you a better parent.

We also chat about how child-friendly venues could better support musicians who are parents, the importance of maintaining a sense of child-like wonder, and the perspective shift that comes with having kids (hint: all the things we think are important, aren't!)

Outro music: 'Taka Takata' by Bombshelter Beast.
Music used with permission from rights holders.
29 Dec 2021 English Explicit South Africa Music Interviews · Performing Arts

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