Dear Evan Hansen

It was 2 weeks after the lockdown took hold of South Africa - 650 odd days ago - that I jotted down some goals for when this thing ended.

Some were small things (which are actually the biggest things) like hugging my parents, or going to the movies, or putting down that damn packet of salt and vinegar chips… or one day being able to throw our annual Halloween party again. Others were bigger, things that were so out of reach that, at times, felt almost impossible. Like I would never get to actually see them through. Visit Madikwe - one of my favourite places in the world. Have a pool day at "The Glen" in Cape Town. Go to the beach again and wee in the sea. Travel to another country. Run the New York City Marathon. Have a positive impact on the world. Write a book. See my bestie in Scotland. Play in the snow. Conquer my fears. Watch Dear Evan Hansen on stage.
4 Aug 2022 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Personal Journals

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