This Is How Mastercard Is Committing to Gender Equality… And Women’s Rugby In SA!

Mastercard has been a long-standing advocate of diversity, inclusion and partnerships aimed at promoting good governance and integrity for women. This is part of the company’s commitment to harness the power of its brand and footprint to remove obstacles that impede women from achieving their full potential and to drive gender equity.

This month, as we honour and celebrate women Mastercard shares inspiring stories of four remarkable, selfless, fearless, and limitless South African women from different corners of the country now living out their dreams. The Mastercard ‘She Is’ campaign spotlights women from a variety of professions and demonstrates to viewers—regardless of age or gender—that there are no limits to what is achievable.

The issue of gender inequality has been brought sharply into the spotlight as South Africa celebrates women’s month in August. Gender disparity manifests itself in many forms, including disproportionate investment in women sport. South African women rugby is a case in point. Women’s rugby is the world’s fastest-growing sport, however, this sporting code has been lingering under the shadow of men’s rugby in terms of the value of sponsorship it attracts and television coverage.
26 Aug 2021 English South Africa Business · Business News

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