Where Would You Be

Without the past there is no future where would be without history and
a past.
25 Jan 2022 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Spirituality

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Things That Shape Us

Lwando goes into some historical facts that have shaped the structure in what we call life and daily living.
18 Jan 2022 36 min

The King of Agaja

African People were sold as slaves by their own kings in exchange for power. So why are the colonisers the only ones blamed for slave trade when our own were behind this too? Lwando takes a deeper look into history and the mistakes of man.
11 Jan 2022 26 min

A New Step Up

When a person begins to follow Jesus, how does their life become bigger and what should one expect? Lwando and Musa take a look at examples of how He empowered people and took them out of their average worlds.
4 Jan 2022 14 min

Review or Resolution

As we prepare for a new year and draw up our resolutions, what should we consider and what should we take from 2021? Lwando and Musa talk about learning from mistakes and going into a new year with the right mindset.
28 Dec 2021 24 min

Jesus Had A Star

Enjoy a hilarious show as Lwando and Musa test their knowledge of the Bible and the lineage of Jesus leading up to Christmas. What is the true meaning behind the birth of Jesus?
21 Dec 2021 24 min