Pink Buoy Donated to Honour a Life Lost is Now Saving Lives!

A “pink buoy” donated to honour a life lost is saving lives on that very same beach.

A group of cold water swimmers were about 75 meters off 4th Beach when one of the swimmers - Sarah - noticed that one of the group, a young man who had recently moved to Cape Town from Pretoria, was unresponsive.

Sarah asked him if he was ok and got no answer… he had stopped swimming, and she immediately knew he needed help.

Little did we know that the pink buoy - the flotation device that was used in this incredible rescue - was donated by an anonymous South African who lost her son on that very beach.

Mardus Strydom was that man who was saved, and he has joined us on the Good Things Guy podcast today to tell us what has happened since then.

Listen to the interview here: