Out of the Shadow – The Peace Trees of Hiroshima

Out of the Shadow – The Peace Trees of Hiroshima is an audio drama written by Karien Polley, and presented by Polley Productions. Among its themes are survivors' guilt, collective responsibility, reconciliation and world peace. It was first broadcast on FMR on 16 December, the day of reconciliation.
In 1975 a Californian botanist, Prof David Bloch (Matthew Roberts) visits Hiroshima to study the Ginkgo trees which survived the H-bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 during WWII. He is hosted by a Japanese arborist, Kazuki Tanaka (Adrian Galley), who is part of the Peace Movement, and Kazuki's daughter, Aki (Lee-Ann van Rooi), also a botanist. Nigel Vermaas directed with Cassi Lowers on the desk, and Kyoko Kimura Morgan in attendance as language adviser.
16 Dec 2020 English South Africa Music

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