S1/Ep.02 - Solidarity

My journey to solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community against the backdrop of a conservative evangelical upbringing.

CONTENT WARNING: While I don't go into detail, I do mention self-harm, suicidal ideation, and harm caused to those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

People and resources that have helped me on my journey:

On Instagram, I’ve appreciated – amongst others – the insights I’ve gained from Olivia Meeks (@livmeeks), Jericho Fyfe (@jericho_fyfe), Kevin Garcia (@thekevingarcia), Jo Luehmann (@joleuhmann), Rocky Roggio, producer of 1946 The Movie (follow @1946themovie on Instagram), Justine Ang Fonte (@justineaf), Ty Deran (@mx.deran) and Blair Imani (@blairimani), @queertheology, @unchangedmvmt, and @qchristianorg.

If you’re looking for some amazing music, search for Semler on your favourite streaming platform (@gracebaldridge on Instagram). On the album, Preacher's Kid, Semler explores faith and church life through a queer lens. As RNS quipped, “this is not your mother’s Christian contemporary music.” I dare you – give it a listen (and, she recently toured with Relient K - IYKYK).

Also, Google 'The Reformation Project', Sarah Bessey’s “Penny in the Air,” and '1946 The Movie.'
1 Apr 2022 English Explicit South Africa Documentary · Self-Improvement

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