Ramaphosa vs Fraser - disinformation campaign or presidential scandal?

This week the former head of the State Security Agency Arthur Fraser dropped what looked like a political bombshell – laying criminal charges against President Cyril Ramaphosa. 
According to a statement released by Fraser, he has pressed criminal charges against President Ramaphosa which include defeating the ends of justice, torture, kidnapping and bribery.

However, the presidency quickly rebutted these claims saying that while a robbery did take place at his farm in Limpopo on or around February 9 2020 in which proceeds from the sale of game were stolen, Ramaphosa rejects claims that he was involved in any criminal conduct over the theft of millions of dollars at his farm in 2020.
Ramaphosa holds that he was attending an AU summit in Addis Ababa at the time the incident occurred. He claims that the allegations are simply a disinformation campaign. 
On this week's episodes of the Sunday Times Politics Weekly, we consider who Arthur Fraser is in our political landscape, why he might make these claims now, who might gain from a 'disinformation campaign', why Ramaphosa might keep such a large amount of cash on a farm and the political implications for SA should Ramaphosa be made to step aside. J