Death P4.

Pastor Jimmy Dube talks about death. He reads from the book of Acts2:29. He look at Where are our dead loved ones, what are they doing, and what is happening to them.
1 Sep 2022 2AM Xhosa South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Pastor Bongani Moyo preaches about authority. Mark 5 : 1 - 9 When storms of life rage against you, who do you call to? Life is a warfare.
30 Nov 5AM 20 min

Using our faith 3

Pastor Jones Maleka continues teaching about using our faith. The heart is the soil that the seed is planted into in order to bear harvest. Confession is part of that but 95% of the fight is in the area of meditating on the verse specific to the area you want…
6 Nov 7AM 14 min

The importance of your mind

Pastor John Mahlangu teaches about how the mind is important and that what one thinks ends up being who they are, so we become what we think and/or meditate on. We are therefore in control of what we put into our minds. Proverbs 23:7
14 Nov 5AM 16 min

Called to stand in the gap #1

Dr Mary Masina talks about been called to stand in the gap for our families, community, churches and our country. Exodus 1 : 1 - 22
15 Nov 6AM 19 min

Always be ready

Pastor Bongani Ntuli talks about being ready, because we do not know the day and hour when Jesus will come back. Matthew 25 : 1 - 13
9 Nov 8AM 19 min