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Xolani Sithole speaks to Zama Malote
4 Jul 2022 English South Africa Christianity

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Transformation | Life After Addiction (Common Obstacles)

Successfully completing a drug and alcohol rehab program and re-entering society as a sober individual does not come without its own unique challenges. Understanding some of the common challenges people face in addiction recovery may provide clearer insight into a life in recovery. Over the next two weeks, we will…
21 Feb 17 min

Fundamental Beliefs | The Trinity

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,” we often say. But what exactly does this mean? Who or what is the Trinity? Is it a Biblical concept or is it manmade? Let’s discuss over the next few days the meaning of the Trinity.
21 Feb 20 min

Bible Corner | The Mark of the Beast

It’s been an interesting journey so far in the study of the beast, its identity and its mission, and today we’ll be delving even deeper into the matter by discussing what exactly is the dreaded Mark of the Beast.
21 Feb 17 min

Family | Divorce - Introduction

Researchers of children of divorce are beginning to examine the far-reaching legacy of divorce in our society. What are the long-term effects?
20 Feb 15 min

VOP Lesson | Will We Have Real Bodies in Heaven?

We answered the question on whether or not heaven is a real place, yesterday. Today we discuss our own physical state when we get there. Will we have our real bodies or will we transform into some kind of spirit beings?
20 Feb 16 min