Rewardsco Introduces the "Half Day, Double Pay" Revolution!

After trialing the new dual shift programme to great success earlier in 2022, Rewardsco is now rolling it out to a larger pool of 150 high-performing sales agents, with even more opportunities for expansion on the horizon.

Although other players in the industry see such programmes as a risk, Rewardsco sees potential. The world is changing and as proud disruptors of the status quo, Rewardsco is always looking to subvert traditional ways of doing things in favour of progress for both the business and its people.

The pandemic pushed the need for work-life balance to the forefront, so Rewardsco set out to meet this need while still ensuring the rapid growth of the business.

To date, Rewardsco has seen more than 15% increase in sales performance, a 10% increase in daily attendance, and a 100% increase in data efficiencies, meaning that agents are earning more commission than ever before.

In addition to the dual shift programme, Rewardsco hires experienced telesales, insurance, and customer service agents throughout the year and is one of the very few call centres where jobseekers can just walk into their premises at 2 Ncondo Place on the Umhlanga Ridge during business hours for an immediate interview.

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