Debate - Ministers salaries may be market competitive, but have they earned it?

While many taxpayers struggle to make ends meet, ministers and their deputies — who earn a salary of between R2.5 and R2m a year — do not pay a cent for municipal services such as water and electricity at their official residences. 
City Press reported that the ministerial handbook has been amended to remove a cap on municipal utilities for ministers and deputy ministers. According to the previous handbook, the public works department was responsible for providing water and electricity, provided the cost is limited to R5,000 per month.
In this enthralling debate our panel discusses the contentious issue of the renumeration regime for public office bearers, notably cabinet ministers. Is the amount ministers are paid reasonable, in light of their role? Are they performing well enough to deserve the remuneration and perks they are given? And is the amount they are compensated considered market competitive? 
This week, our host Mike Siluma, is joined by Dr. Mark Bussin, Chairperson at 21st Century (Pty) Ltd, Reuben Maleka, Acting Deputy GM with Public Servants Association of South Africa and Mawande AmaShabalala senior Sunday Times journalist.