Episode 160- Faith Vs Reality

At times as Christians we often struggle to believe or hold on to what the word of God says when the reality on the ground seems to be other wise.

How do you apply faith in difficult situations? It seems like sometimes as Christians we are often acceptors of reality rather than changers of reality through our faith.

Peter when Jesus was walking on water towards the boat he asked Jesus , if it was him to call him so he can walk on water too, and Jesus called him to come and he walked briefly on water until he faced the reality of the wind and the storm and he doubted and began to sink. Jesus attributes his sinking to a lack of faith. How do we build our faith such that we are those who walk by faith and not by sight in a world that throws everything at us? It’s easier said than done, but still possible because we are called to be those who live by faith.

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3 Nov 2022 English Zimbabwe Society & Culture · Christianity

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