Why intercession is important?

Zama Malote speaks to Professor Nyahuma about the importance of intercessory prayers.
15 Nov 2022 English South Africa Christianity

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Family | Healthy Marriage Impact on Children

A strong family has many significant implications for the health and well-being of both adults and children. Studies have shown that people live longer, have less stress, and are more financially stable in a healthy family environment where both parents are present, share the responsibility of the household, and raise…
16 Apr 23 min

VOP Lesson | Unlimited Access to Jesus

Many of us may look at our lives and feel like we don’t amount to much; we certainly don’t feel that we deserve to have any kind of personal relationship with a perfect God. So, this is a very intriguing title for today’ lesson. What is it all about?
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Bible Corner | Forgiveness

We start off today’s conversation on forgiveness with trying to understand how our relationships among ourselves as humans affect our relationship with God, as far as our theme of forgiveness goes. Does God really withhold forgiveness when we struggle to forgive those who have hurt us?
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VOP Lesson | The Spirit-Filled Life

In our last few lessons, we’ve talked at length about the Holy Spirit as Christ’s representative on earth. Today’s lesson focuses on the life that is filled with the Holy Spirit – what is the influence that the Holy Spirit has on the life?
15 Apr 12 min

Bible Corner | Forgiveness

It’s one of the more difficult tasks that we’ve been given as Christians – that is forgiveness. This week, we’ll be going through some common questions and concerns regarding forgiveness, and getting a holistic understanding of what is required of us, and why it matters in our faith.
15 Apr 18 min