Developing A Hunger And Thirst For God

We need to develop a relationship with God but without communication and a desire to grow the relationship death occurs.
6 Dec 2022 English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Education

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Hosting God's Glory

Hosting God's Glory is about being a light to people all around you as his magnificence flows through you and touches the lives of other people.
15 Nov 2022 17 min

The Christian As A Hard Working Farmer

As Christians we are called to be labourers of fields not just physical ones but, labouring in the spiritual realm too, fighting against principalities and dark forces.
8 Nov 2022 18 min

Fighting The Fight And Running The Race

To fight the fight you have to be running the race, it is important that you choose the right battles in life as you may be lead astray and move from your God-given purpose.
1 Nov 2022 14 min

What Makes You Bounce Back?

When you go through struggles in life and are having quite a rough patch you should always be able to overcome the problems and rise up. Depending on the spirit/s that influence you will determine how you bounce back.
25 Oct 2022 19 min