Taylen Harris

Taylen Harris is the inaugural recipient of the Windhoek International School Book of Excellence Award. This award provides a permanent written record of truly outstanding pieces of work or significant contributions to the community. On November 26, Taylen Harris, a Grade 5 student, had returned home from soccer practice to join a group of friends and family who were playing in the pool. While swimming across the pool, Taylen noticed that his three-year-old cousin had taken off her life jacket and was lying still and underwater. Without hesitation or delay, Taylen swam to the bottom of the pool and brought his cousin to the surface. Through CPR, his cousin’s life was saved. Taylen is a reflective and observant learner who is attentive to the needs of others around him, and on that day these qualities along with the courage to act quickly in the face of fear, combined to save a child’s life.
6 Dec 2022 English Namibia News · Society & Culture

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