Importance of keeping your vows to God

Looking at Judges 11:30–39, Pastor Chuma talks about the lessons from the story of Jephthah and his daughter.
13 Dec 2022 English South Africa Christianity · Kids & Family

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Daily Focus | Blessings: The Difference between Blessings and Gifts

Are gifts and blessings the same or they define two different concepts? This is not about Spiritual Gifts but about gifts in general. A gift (from God) is something good you receive or something good that happens to you, even though you might not deserve it This opportunity was a…
6 Jun 14 min

Problematic Beliefs | Evolved Parenting

Parenting styles have evolved over the generations and now an array of options exist for parents to choose from. However, what is the right way to parent? The Bible says a couple of things like “Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights…
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Family Focus | God’s Girls: Raising a Girl Child

Children are God’s Jewels and gifts to humanity and there is a high responsibility on those given those blessings. Now, let’s get specific. Today, we will be exploring all things girls. Today we will start a series on raising a girl child. With Ruth Chagwinya.
6 Jun 18 min

Family Focus | Manhood: What Makes a Man

We are starting a new series where we explore every individual in the family and to start off, we are going to be talking about Men. What makes a man? According to the dictionary, manhood is the state of being a man rather than a boy. With Pastor G. Ngulube.
5 Jun 30 min

The Promises of God

Dr. Machona speaks to us about the promises of God, and why we should trust Him
31 May 31 min