#042 The service is to the song | Nicole Theron

'My hooks don't ba-dum-ching'

"If your idea of success is being on the radio, then you want to be in the entertainment industry. If your idea of success is making a lot of money, then you want to be in the music business. But if you want to touch people's lives, and if you want to have a life of wonder, adventure, and magic, then music is what you're after..."

Engaging, irreverent and subversive, Nicole Turon is a fearless singer, songwriter, poet and performer. She weaves delicate, intoxicating harmonies of piano and voice that haunt and linger with a wit sharp enough to cut you.

If you'd like to become her pen pal, email her at nicoletheronmusic@gmail.com. She promises to write back.

'Out of Context' by Nicole Theron. Music used with permission from rights holder.
16 Dec 2022 English Explicit South Africa Music Interviews · Performing Arts

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