62. Journeys PART 2

In this episode, we explore three ways of understanding journeys from movement as knowledge with A/Professor Harmony Signaporia, to the ethics of flying and climate change with Dr Henri-Count Evans and to the elusiveness of nature and the wild by Dr Gabriella Leighton. Journeys is the final episode of Season 6. Come with us.

Part 2 is with Prof Mehita Iqani, Dr Henri-Count Evans and Dr Gabriella Leighton.
23 Dec 2022 English South Africa Philosophy · Social Sciences

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66. The Museum Of Portable Sound

When we think of museums, we often envision a traditional building with objects and artefacts. In this episode, we challenge this notion with Dr. John Kannenberg from The Museum of Portable Sound. This episode delves into the concept of collecting and showcasing sound as cultural and museological heritage, offering a…
18 Jul 20 min

65. Historical Soundscape

Listening is dynamic, especially in recreating historical places. In this episode, we explore Willow Road in Fairview, Gqeberha with musician and sound artist Andrei Van Wyk. It focuses on using sound to evoke the lost homes and communities of Willow Road, destroyed by the Group Areas Act of 1950. By…
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64. Listening For Emotions

What is the significance of engaging with colonial archives, which are laden with historical power imbalances and misrepresentations? In this episode, we embark on a journey through time to explore radio archives from the colonial era. Luc Marraffa, a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, helps us rethink how…
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63. NASA Sonifications

On the premiere episode of Season 7, listeners are treated to an interstellar auditory experience in the form of an audio postcard. Narrated by Sarah Kane, a PhD researcher in Astronomy from Cambridge University, this episode offers a captivating exploration into the innovative realm of data sonifications. Kane, along with…
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54: New Universities

[FROM THE ARCHIVE - 2018] Carina Truyts is part of the pioneers at South Africa’s newest university, Sol Plaatje University in Kimberly. She has established the Anthropology department there. Her teaching and research is focused on contextual knowledge production, sharing and engagement. Truyts’ Masters Research was on Nourishment in the…
4 Apr 41 min