God's definition of success

How should we evaluate a year gone by, or even a whole life? What makes it great, or makes a whole life “a great life”? Jesus told us that the greatest man who ever lived was not one we would expect. His secret of success was the true secret of greatness.
1 Jan English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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The Glory of Grace

When we think of ‘glory’, we often think of some kind of bright light. But John surprises us by telling us that the true glory of God is seen in the condescending and surprising form known as grace
26 Mar 25 min

The visible God

What if God were one of us?” These words to a popular song summarise the greatest story ever told. If God became a man, then it is simply the most important event in history. John 1:14 makes the claim that this occurred in human history.”
19 Mar 25 min

Light received or rejected

People crave the light and are afraid of the dark, except when it comes to the light of the truth, and then things reverse. In John 1:6-13, we learn of the peril of light rejected, and the privilege of light received.”
12 Mar 26 min

Love, life and light

“Three “L’s” sum up human existence: love, life, and light. Yet many do not know that the Bible describes Jesus Christ as the source of each of these in John 1:3-5: the Loving, Creator, the Generator of all Life, and the Revelator of all Light and truth.”
5 Mar 25 min

God's Self-Expression

“There are plenty of trite, lightweight, pop-culture forms of Jesus. But who exactly are we referring to when we speak of Jesus? John’s famous introduction to his Gospel teaches us that the true Jesus has very little to do with the Jesus of the bumper-stickers, coffee-mugs and fridge magnets.”
26 Feb 24 min