Hiring mistakes

As entrepreneurs, we never stop making hiring mistakes. There are many reasons a hire could be bad for your organisation. Join Allon Raiz for episode 10 of the 20 Lessons Over 20 Years podcast series two find out what the two biggest reasons are behind hiring mistakes. He also shares some important pointers on staff recruitment processes that every entrepreneur needs to know.
20 Jan English South Africa Business

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Disregard for process

“Process sets you free” goes the saying. In episode 12 of the 20 Lessons Over 20 Years podcast series, Allon Raiz sets out to convince his listeners that process does indeed set entrepreneurs free to scale their businesses and make a profit. Even if you’re a startup, you definitely want…
17 Mar 13 min

Developing a competitive mindset

In business, every time you win over a new client, you are displacing a competitor. You have created an “enemy” simply because you have competed. This may seem fairly obvious but, in his more than two decades of working with entrepreneurs, Allon Raiz has encountered a large percentage of business…
17 Feb 10 min

Getting the size of your premises right

An early quandary that most startup entrepreneurs have to face is getting the size of their business premises right and, if they’re renting the space, the duration of the lease. If you’re strapped for cash, you obviously don’t want to be paying for unnecessary space. At the same, though, when…
16 Dec 2022 12 min

Lack of financial discipline

Your financial statements provide detailed information regarding the financial health of your business. Too many entrepreneurs fail to produce accurate and timely financial statements, which has a negative impact on the growth of their businesses. As an entrepreneur, you need to consider the quality aspect of your financials: are they…
18 Nov 2022 13 min

Lack of financial understanding

In episode 7 of 20 Lessons Over 20 Years, Allon Raiz discusses how too many entrepreneurs hand over the responsibility of their finances to an external accountant and, in effect, abdicate their responsibility when it comes to their business numbers. It is a trap that he, too, fell into when…
14 Oct 2022 10 min