Eskom Crisis: Now the taps start to run dry

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Sara Gon and Chris Hattingh. The discuss the ongoing Eskom crisis and how government is perhaps not fully truthful in its claims to foreign audiences. They also discuss a legal effort to challenge load-shedding in the courts, and they discuss fewer people dying on the roads in 2022.
17 Jan 7AM English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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Eskom crisis: Patel's plan to fix loadshedding

Today's Daily Friend Show with Chris Hattingh, Nicholas Lorimer, and Gerbrandt van Heerden. They discuss regulatory changes and plans being advanced by minister Patel with regard to electricity generation. They also discuss the state of the mining industry, the incoherence of South Africa's foreign policy, and the upcoming DA leadership…
16 Mar 8AM 32 min

EFF demands National Shutdown

Today's Daily Friend Show with Marius Roodt, Nicholas Lorimer, and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the EFF's planned, "national shutdown" on Monday next week. They also chat about the ongoing impeachment proceedings of the Public Protector and the President's inability to hold meetings.
15 Mar 8AM 31 min

Is South Africa in a "death spiral"?

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Terence Corrigan, and Michael Morris. They discuss the often-made claim that South Africa is in a "death spiral", they also talk about the diminishing revenue from electricity that Joburg faces and they discuss the latest wackiness in Tshwane.
14 Mar 8AM 31 min

Mayor of Tshwane resigns

Today's Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Makone Maja and Sara Gon. They chat about the strange story of the COPE mayor of Tshwane and his resignation, they also chat about the infighting in COSATU and the shockingly low number of qualified Science and Maths heads of departments in high schools.
13 Mar 8AM 31 min

NEHAWU: your lives "not our responsibility"

Today's Daily Friend Show with Sara Gon, Terence Corrigan and Nicholas Lorimer. They discuss the NEHAWU strike across the country, they talk about a new plan to deal with coalitions by government and some by-election results in KZN which saw the IFP achieve strong growth.
9 Mar 7AM 31 min