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Big Brother Titans:

The first week of “Big Brother Titans” came to a dramatic close after Biggie surprised the housemates by announcing that no one would be going home on Sunday night.

With the housemates rocking their Sunday best in anticipation of someone being evicted, Biggie revealed that the nominations from last week Monday were fake and eviction Sundays, as well as viewer voting, were yet to begin.
The announcement came after housemates had been left on edge after not being told who was up for eviction all week.
26 Jan 2023 9AM English South Africa Education · Careers

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Phone lines cut to Gauteng hospitals, clinics due to non-payment

Several hospitals and clinics in Gauteng have activated alternative numbers after Telkom cut phone lines due to unpaid bills. Gauteng Health says the delayed payments were due to several discrepancies where Telkom would send invoices with descriptions of facilities that do not belong to the department. The telecommunications provider disconnected…
27 Feb 2PM 7 min

Road to 2024 Elections: Xiluva

In this week’s political feature, Phemelo is joined by Xiluva Leader, Bongani Baloyi. Xiluva (from the Tsonga word meaning "flower") is a South African political party launched in March 2023 by Baloyi who is the former ActionSA Gauteng provincial chairperson, and former Executive Mayor of the Midvaal Local Municipality for…
26 Feb 3PM 54 min

Pretoria high court judge questions all-white legal team

A judge in the Pretoria High Court has demanded that an all-white group of lawyers explain why there is not a single black lawyer among them. Last Friday, out of the blue, Judge Mandlenkosi Motha sent an email to all four advocates in a case which deals with black economic…
26 Feb 3PM 16 min

Phone lines down at major Gauteng hospitals

The DA says telephone lines at some Gauteng hospitals are down because the provincial health department hasn't paid its bills. According to the DA the situation is a "communication crisis". According to the party patients and their relatives could not get through to hospitals for appointments, enquiries or updates. Charlotte…
26 Feb 3PM 9 min